Monday, May 3

How will inscription change in the xpac.

How will inscription change in the expansion? This is a question that most scribes can't answer. I'm just going to tell you what i think will happen to inscription for cataclysm. To understand my view I'm going to give a quick synopsis of how inscription works ATM. Currently scribes use max level Northrend herbs to craft ink. They then trade a portion of this ink for lower tier ink IE leveling ink. They do this so they can craft every glyph and maximize profit.

With cataclysm blizzard will inevitably introduce new herbs which will create new ink, this ink will create new glyphs, and new off hands, and probably some other items. The real question is in cataclysm will Jessica sellers price change to use the new ink to buy lower level ink? IT could stay as it is currently with only allowing IOTS to trade to lower inks. This would cause a massive inflation to lower level glyphs and cause already scarce herbs prices to skyrocket even higher.

Another option blizzard has is to introduce a whole new set of glyphs for low levels and high levels. They would be crafted with the new herbs and possibly would cause the older glyphs to become useless. Either way whatever blizzard decides it will affect our market. So scribes may want to prepare in case blizzards lack of foresight could hurt business. My personal opinion is that blizzard will just change the cost of ink from Jessica sellers. However its always worth being prepared just in case blizzard chooses not to. Remember the first week of cataclysm will see tons of low level glyphs and high level glyphs selling out rapidly so every respectable scribe needs to be well stocked with glyphs and ink. Just in case blizzard chooses not to change the how we get our lower level ink.


  1. What I'm expecting is that there'll be a new IotS and a new NPC to trade them in for other inks just like Jessica. It's the easiest answer and most logical one to keep the materials easy to understand for non scribes. Currently you can just say the materials for any glyphs are 1 IotS and parchment. In other words, same system as now just different names of the flowers.

  2. I agree thats what they should do but blizzard being blizzard it could slip through the cracks and cause issues.