Monday, May 10

New PC, and wow i mean seriously WOW.

So i got my new computer running with vista 32 bit until i can make or track down a win 7 64 bit OS disk. Im really having fun tweaking my new pc. Its fun to actually have a computer that plays my games on high details with little to no lag. However the joy of having a new pc has dwindled because another issue that decided to crop up this weekend.

My account has been hacked so i have not been able to play wow properly. In fact my account is temporarily suspended at the moment. So i am unable to even tell the extent of the damage. Apparently the hackers cleaned out my guild bank where me and my cousin had 5 tabs of junk and a decent amount of gold. Its dismaying to me that all of my hard work is in the garbage. Hopefully blizzard can help me resolve this issue and restore my account and gbank to pre hacked status. If they are unable to restore a portion of my gold and only able restore items i may just call it quits on wow. Ill keep you guys updated on how things progress but for the moment i have no information i can share other than i was hacked.

In other non wow news. I am slowly getting less sucky at team fortress 2. I know that with more practice i can get better at it. currently spy, sniper, and medic are my favorite classes. If anyone is interested in playing TF2 with me send me a friends request my steam name is bobreaze so it should be easy to remember.


  1. I was hacked in December, and the Character Recovery team was absolutely phenomenal. A word of warning, however... when your account is restored, be SURE to get all your GM Mail so that this doesn't happen to you -

    On the upside, it did all turn out well, as I detailed here -

    I was dreading starting over again, although I'd already started starting over when the second post happened. I would not have quit over it, but they did make me a very happy customer.

  2. very sorry to hear you have been hacked. Hope blizzard is able to help and restore everything the way it was.

  3. Being hacked sucks. The hacker deleted most of my toons and transferred 2 of them to another server. This was... in November?

    Here's the good news. I GOT EVERYTHING BACK. Every toon. Every badge. Every freakin flower. I was hacked in the wee hours on a Wednesday morning and I was restored by Sunday night. Yes, they work on Sundays. Most of my stuff was returned WITH ENCHANTMENTS on it. So I didn't even have to re-gem or reenchant.

    Hang in there. You have a ticket in right? Anyhoo... get an authenticator. Just get it, tape it to the side of your computer, and be done with it.

    And when you do get your stuff back, and they send you an e-mail telling you that you can submit feedback to an e-mail address... make sure to send an e-mail about how awesome the dude was who got all your shit back for you, and how you'd have his babies. Well not really - but these people have to deal with asstards every day who complain and bitch and moan, so they deserve feedback when they do stuff right.

    And the line is long... poking around on the customer service forum it's because there are 30 other people who are hacked... and 30 other people saying "zomg I accidentally deleted my priest... and I need him for the raid tonight! WHINE THIS IS AN EMERGENCY." Yes, the customer service reps have to sort through thousands of e-mails saying "halp save me from my own stupidity" which delays them getting to you. Sucks, huh.

  4. Haven't been able to put in a ticket to GMs yet still temp banned. I did put in a customer service ticket about me being banned and how i thought i was hacked because my cousin said our gbank was cleaned out.

  5. I put in a ticket via my bnet e-mail. As long as you have that e-mail account and the hacker hasn't changed the pw and locked you out of it, you CAN submit the ticket via e-mail.

    Put in your ticket now to get in queue.

  6. Ill have to do that then. As soon as i get home that will be done.