Monday, May 24

So weekends can be fun.

This weekend i didn't get much accomplished in wow. My money making is still pretty low, seems like undercutting has become rampant in the glyph market. I will have to figure out a new posting schedule to handle the new competiton. I also am leveling a new bank toon to level 10 so that i will have 3 glyph posters releiving bag space on my scribe. It will also make sure that all the glyphs get posted currently in my bag shuffle im sure a few get left out.

I also had some the chance to get some raiding done. I managed to join a pug TOC 25 that one shot all the bosses in around 40 minutes. Solace of the fallen dropped however i rolled low. The winner wouldnt sell it either so i was frustrated. However being a pug with less strict loot rules gave me a chance to snag 2 trophies and a new necklace.

Shortly after leaving TOC 25 i managed to get into a ICC 10 man. I must say that ICC is a very well crafted raid, It has interesting raid with some unique boss mechanics. It also allowed me to play hero occasionaly B resing a tank that died on Marrowgar. Unfortunatley I didnt have meters running to judge my performance however it seemed like my other healer was not putting out 110% healing. We cleared all the way to festergut but with me being new and both tanks never kiting goo it didnt work out and we called the raid. I walked away with a friendly ring and a even better necklace. Last night brought my gs to around 5190 gs with 1 trophy that i still need to gain badges for so that i can upgrade my legs.

I must say after a night of raiding druid mechanics are wearing on me. Rejuv and wg spam is getting dull. However i still enjoy healing im just realy interested in the changes comming to my class and healing in general. Making fights less spam fest and giving us time to think will make healing more interesting. It will also allow a good healer to shine even more.

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