Friday, May 14

125 post.

I have posted 125 times to my blog and i don't regret a single one. My account is still banned mainly because i can't spend 45 minutes to call blizzard to have it unbanned. I hope to get this done today. After i get my account resurrected i will probably take a hiatus from wow. I'm tired i have played since 2006 which is a good 4 years for a game i love. While i will miss playing wow with my family and friends i know that eventually cataclysm will bring me back.

With that said I'm torn on what to do with my blog until then. i enjoy the wow blog community and will probably read about wow and various developments in the game . However since I'm not playing wow i can't really post about it. So what am i going to do with the blog ? Well that's a question I can't answer yet. I am thinking on my options. I can change the title and make it a blog about what ever i want to. Or i could use it to talk about games I am playing.

Ill think about it and when i come to a decision that I'm happy with you guys will get a post. It will tell you my goals for the blog and what im up to. I hope i can keep creating good content that my readers enjoy. Even if its not about wow.


  1. Hey Bob,

    I'm a daily (when available) reader of yours and a few other's gold blogs ... I have one question to ask of you, as I'm looking to kind of cut my way into at least one gold making market before cataclysm...

    When watching a market (let's take Inscription, for example) to jump into, how frequently do you suggest checking prices/sellers before taking the plunge and investing startup gold for a toon to become a scribe?

    I'm a bit leery of jumping into the glyph/ink markets on my server, because (and I've been told by my RL about this a few times) I'm terrible at the AH game. Then I read blogs like yours, and Stokpile's, and wonder why you can do it while I can't... Or don't seem to be able to.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome! :D

  2. matthew. I suggest checking my back post about inscription. To be honest with you begging in inscription is a daunting mountain to climb. But when climbed the rewards are plentifull. Inscription is a decent investment. I wish you had entered into the market earlier. Since 3.3 and the rise in herb prices entering the inscription market is more expensive than when i did it.. aHowever that means less new competition. Also inscription does make some of its money back. from selling leveling glyphs

  3. Oh, let me tell you, there are a lot of things that I wish I'd gotten into earlier ... At least, at the moment, I'm leveling a baby druid who has Herbalism... So for the most part, I'll be able to supplement a tiny bit of my milling cost with her.

    I'll check your back posts about it. Thanks for the response, and I really do hope that you keep up the blog, even before Cata hits :) It's a great read!

  4. The blog isn't going to die. Just may not be as focused on WOW. Options are video game post, post about my family, etc im not sure what the next few months will hold. ALl i know is at the moment i need a break from wow.

  5. May I ask, was it something specific that prompted the pending hiatus? Since you recently moved a character to horde, been leveling alts, dabbling in a multi-market attack, everything has seemed full steam ahead with WoW.

    Was it the banning of your account? Too much time on WoW? Frustration with the gold-making market?

    Just curious.

  6. I would say the banning of the account sunk the ship. It gave me time to evaluate if i was even enjoying what i was doing. That and it takes stress away from my relationship with my wife. Less wow time means more time for her to get extra attention. Which she of course loves.