Friday, May 21

F***K GS, and other ramblings.

Blizzard please delete gear score while your breaking avr. Its stupid and ruins the game for many people.

example lfm 5k gs nax 25. LFM ICC 25 gs 5.7k+ .

I believe correct me if I'm wrong when icc came out that gs of around 5k was adequate for gaining entrance. but as time goes on people inflate the gs needed to do the dungeon leaving people behind. These people that sit at around 5k gs in mostly t9 and boe icc blues are unable to step foot into this raid because of the gs gate keepers. So blizzard i ask you as a casual player please break the gear score addon while you break avr. Its a blight among your community and slings mud on your mantra bring the player not the class. Now its bring the highest gs not the player.

The reason I'm asking this is when just goofing around on wow milling i asked someone if my druid was eligible to join their guild. Alas he said my gear sucked based on my 5k gs. SO me being a little pissed began trolling trade chat. Ranting that its dumb that a 5k gs person who has bought ICC boes, enchanted and gemmed his gear is unable to join an icc pug. In other news apparently a person can get 23 frost badges a week not doing icc. they should use these for t10 if they want in icc just fyi because only players in 4/4 t10 are able to do icc with a 15% buff.

I also was hunting last night to find out how much a game card would cost in gold. I got various answers ranging from 3k-10k . 10k seems about right for purchasing a game card however I'm not sure i want to do it just yet. Has anyone else done this does it break the TOS? I know its similar to rwmt for gold. However maybe it would skirt by on being legit because the transaction isn't for actual real world money but game time. IdK its interesting I'm considering it as an option to pay for wow.


  1. Trading gold for game time is considered RMT by Blizzard - don't do it, you will get banned.

  2. The issue isn't the GearScore addon, it is that people want to have the smoothest pug possible. If they can get people with a higher dps/healing potential, they will. If they can't they will lower the entrance requirement. If you feel that it isn't fair that people ask for an entrance requirement that you don't meet, but you still think you can perform well enough in the raid, go ahead and create your own raid. If there is a demand for a lower GS raid you should have no problem filling it.

    People will always have their methods of filling up a pug, and it will always be whatever method is easiest to pick the players with the highest potential. This doesn't kill the game, it actually makes it much easier to create a pug and ends up making pugging more widespread and successful. If you disagree with someone's methods for picking a pug, why do you think you have a right to remove that method from the game. It isn't hurting you. Nobody owes you a free pug entrance. Do the work to meet the requirements of the existing pug leaders, or start making your own pugs with whatever requirements you want. Supply will meet demand. The current demand among well geared players is for pugs with gear entrance requirements. The method for identifying gear level isn't the issue.

  3. entrance requirements are all well and fine. However in my oppinon it is gs inflation and the fact that people requier obcene gear score to enter pugs. IE 5k gs + for toc 25. If your requierment makes since im fine and well. As for creating my own pugs i might just have to do it to prove you dont need a rediculously high GS to do a raid.

    I can ask that an addon that creates a divide in community be removed. It puts up barriers that shouldnt be there. Will it be removed no probably not. is it dumb to rate a player based on a number based strictly on gear? yes. If there were such a thing as skill score or a rating that proved skill i would be more inclined to embrace it. Low Gear score however doesn't mean a player is not good. It means they hit a barrier where they either A have to grind hope for random drops that dont get nijad and roll high, or b get lucky to get in a raid clear a few bosses and have loot drop and win a roll. Its ok though with my wealth ill probably end up buying a run through icc 25 or icc10 for kingslayer title. Then i can get in a pug even with my low gear score.

  4. But it's not the addon creating the barriers, it's the people who are putting in the effort to create the pugs. They have every right to select the best possible group that they can to make their time leading the pug worthwhile. GearScore only makes it easier for them.

    The inflation of entrance requirements is not a result of the addon, but rather due to the inflation of the gear on the server. If a pug leader can fill a raid with 5700+ GS people, why should he allow people in with less. What incentive does he have?

    Removing the addon won't change any of this. It will only make it harder for people to organize successful pugs and will result in fewer pugs being organized which only hurts the community.

  5. Ok. Anonymous, i see your point of veiw as a leader it does make things easier. Thank you for arguing and convincing me that GS is not that bad. ITs usefull. Just my server i guess a bigger horde pop. so i guess im jsut going to try and form my own pug, maybe a toc 10 or something small.

  6. Just to clarify the point:

    You can trade RL money for RL items - and you can trade in game items for in game gold.

    Since the code you get for game time is an RL item - you can only pay RL cash for it.

    Anything else is a violation

  7. ok thanks hoof. I appreciaate it definatley dont want to cause myself trouble with the wow athorities