Wednesday, May 26

Funny Situation.

Two days ago i found myself looking at a funny situation. I was leveling a second bank alt so that my glyphs could be separated to 3 toons. I am leveling this mage to level 10 so that it is saved in the server memory and can be recovered. To level i decided to send all my caster boa items to the mage. SO he was decked out in the pve chest, and pvp staff & shoulders. I began leveling by casting at mobs. But as luck had it i accidentally hit a wyrm with my staff. Bam 48 damage! I was stunned my level 2 did more damage whacking things with the staff than casting. My average damage was around 28 when casting fireball.

This seems odd to me that my mage does more melee damage than elemental. Blizz should up spell damage coefficients for low levels. Not saying we should one shot mobs but it should do more damage than melee. Hopeful they will fix this with the new leveling changes coming during cataclysm. Either way I'm level 5 and have one more quest in noob village. Half way to my goal of having another banker.


  1. Kind of curious as to why you need to be level 10?

    I recently was hacked and all the items taken from my level 7 bank were restored.

  2. if the character is deleted then they are unable to restore it or the items. Mainly its to be cautious.