Thursday, May 20

Cleaning up after disaster.

So When i left you guys last I was distraught frustrated and angry. It seemed as all my hard work was wasted, the bad guys won and i was throwing in the towel. I even started playing another mmo to move on and leave wow behind. But wow and blizzards employees couldn't let me leave peacefully and move on. no they need my 15 dollars a month to make their empire even richer. Blizzard restored my account characters and items even 50k worth of gold. The call of wow began shortly after learning my stuff was waiting. It was to hard to resist it asked me questions such as why start over in an unfamiliar game. The crafting and AH pvp sucks in this game, don't you want to return to your empire. Wow sung to me like a siren pulling me towards azeroth and my freshly restored riches. So after much resistance i said f***k it canceled the new mmo subscription and began my journey to reclaim my empire.

When i returned to wow the well oiled machine was stripped apart. Items that were supposed to be on the enchanter were on my main. Items that were supposed to be on my scribe were on my bank alt. Everything was in disarray it was as if Butters had visited my account as professor disarray and moved my items around just to make me spend time sorting, organizing, equipping, and mailing them to their proper locations. All these things combined with me having to Dl addons for my new computer took quite a bit of my time last night. However after much work things began to look brighter, my machine was repaired every piece was where it was supposed to be.

I also had some nice presents left by the hackers around 15 epic gems, extra enchanting mats, I also had a primordial saronite and some random blue quality gems. I had eternals and they had even left my meta gem stock that i had made prior to being hacked. The herbs that i had purchased where still there in fact i had some returned from blizzard even though the hacker had farmed some. As everything was sorted out it seemed as if the hackers had left me in an ok position. So i posted a my metas, enchanting rods, enchanting scrolls, and some bags that i crafted.

While the smaller markets of my machine started working my inscription motor was stuck. I had acquired a fair amount of herbs to try and re-stock my ink. However i still needed more ink that and i had not even gotten my addons downloaded to begin mass production. So at the moment I'm purchasing herbs trying to acquire a massive amount of herbs. My glyph machine is low on glyphs so it will take around 1k -2k ink to fill all my stacks back up to 8. The reason my glyphs stock got so low was the drought in herbs prior to being hacked. Hopefully ill get the last part of my machine working and can begin a routine to make a fair amount of gold with as little time put into it.

PS. new computer owns wow. around 60 frames when out in the world and a solid 30 fps in voa 25 wich means raiding is no longer the lag fest it used to be.


  1. Gratz on getting everything working again. I know its a PIA. I finally broke down and got an authenticater to prevent this .I'd hate to have to start from scratch on 3 different realms.

  2. Yeah, it was a gleeful moment when I got all my crap back. I think I got a lil extra of a few things, like you did, just a few frost lotus... I'm sure a stack or two of some other stuff was lost, whatever. The hardest part though was getting all my crap to the appropriate toons. Lots of mailing back and forth.

    Make sure to see if all your restored gear is still enchanted. I was only missing 1-2 enchants, but it doesn't hurt to double check.

    You'd better get an authenticator!

  3. i plan to would be dumb to get burned once. getting burned twice would be my own fault.

  4. Glad to here you got your account restored.

    i look forward to more posts :)

  5. Just when I thought I was out, they PULL ME BACK IN! Grats on getting all your stuff back, I know I'd be pissed off something awful if I lost everything. Glad to hear it all worked out for you in the end.