Thursday, May 20

I was bad during vacation.

I was bad during my vacation. I installed a competing mmo on my PC, wow did not like that Shes a jealous woman that will not let go. However, my experience with the other mmo has made me wish for wow to evolve to change to my ideal picture of an mmo. During my vacation as i will now call the time when i rage quit wow for a few weeks. I installed and and played Warhammer. I know it was bad why would I do that cheating on wow after four years for some shiney new mmo. So what if wow was old it was wrong of me to leave her just because she was showing signs of age. Plus wow said she was going to be getting surgery to hide all her imperfections and be more attractive. Well now i have to share with wow some things I would really enjoy her getting done during surgery.

1) Implement public quest knock off. I don't care if its blatantly stealing. This is a fun way to reward players working together in various zones. It was fun interacting with players and allows for new players to get access to group play without the commitment to finish a dungeon.

2) Revamp starting areas. The old races need some love their leveling experience is stale and bland. With cataclysm on the horizon make it interesting, possibly pulling these race3s from their devastated home area to a new begging post. Allow several races to begin in the common areas no more than 3, Implement public quest so that players work together to possibly solve issues in the zone. Using your system of phasing would allow veterans of the public quest see a change in the area, this could allow access to a new quest hub etc.

3) PVP while fun in BGs give us a reason for world pvp, Wg is fun but maybe some pvp without siege engines. Imagine AB in an open environment resets after an hour or 2 of control. The area could have a valuable daily quest hub, or even a dungeon. A raid would be nice but it could cause issues.

4) Continue with the current system allowing casual players to gear up to a decent level. This allows for players to be within the gear requirement for top tier endgame. While yes being the shit in t2 back in the day was nice. its time to not punish players for having other things than wow to do for 6 hours at a time.

5) My last suggestion is allow heirloom items to be purchased from a vendor with gold. It was nice to have heirlooms in game however the threshold of time needed for a person to acquire them is a little high. I don't think it would break the leveling system in fact it would probably encourage people to level more alts. It would also mean badges would be used strictly for gaining high level 85 gear and gems.

Wow you have been a great mistress. Keeping me in line making sure i spend time with you before i get fat loot. However times are a changing and while i still enjoy playing you. I can't afford to spend the time you require for some of your activities. So please consider adding some new stuff for casual players, let me keep enjoying you even if it is in a new position as a casual wow player.

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  1. Was this even fun to read? just wondering was sa different writing style.