Monday, May 3

Glyph machine: Out of gas.

So i have not really spent much time maintaining my glyph machine last week. It finally shuddered to a halt unfortunately its really not my fault . I was going to refuel the machine and have a massive crafting session but it seems that Herbs have become a rare commodity on my server. What i mean by this is between adders tongue and icethorn there were only 30 stacks at a reasonable price. So i can't refuel my glyph machine to begin making my glyphs. The problem actually multiplies though because even though I'm not able to make more glyphs I'm starting to sell off most of mine. Which means ill require more herbs to restock. Hopefully some farmers will move to our server but until they do ill just have to do what i can.

I have recently been dabbling in enchanting market. I found 2 enchants i enjoy making which are +10 to stats and Beserking to weapon. This market is a very fluctuating market similar to glyphs if my mats can't be had cheap ill just wait until i can get them cheap. Mainly my limiting factor here is that abyss crystals are in high demand and short supply. The bag market has become a pretty good gold making opportunity. I have been selling netherweave bags for 15g-20g with mats only costing up to 10g pretty good quick profit. Ive averaged selling 30 bags a day. I also have crafted myself some more meta gems to sell so those will get cut and posted today and i hope for a nice return on them. Currently I'm sitting at 52800g which means i have gold to spend. I can purchase over priced mats but it doesn't mean I'm going to. I may have to tap my JC friend on the shoulder and see if we can't work out a way to make good gold from his profession. Since titanium has dropped to 180g a stack on our server I'm sure we can work out a way for both of us to profit from this market.

In other news my priest has hit level 22 and is steadily working his way up to level 30. Its a long hard road but I'm doing it slowly to enjoy myself. I plan to start doing AB soon just because out of all BG that is the one i have enjoyed the most in the past. Hopefully it will still be fun and ill be able to gain a few levels doing PVP instead of constantly running Deadmines over and over and over. Seriously blizzard might need to add at least 1 new dungeon to the lower levels to at least make the new leveling experience even more interesting. Or blizzard could add a lockout to low level dungeons preventing you from getting the same one 4 times in a row. Just a 30 min lockout to force the finder to put a player in a different dungeon wouldn't be to bad. It would allow them to experience different dungeons instead of having the scenario of finishing one dungeon requing and doing the exact same dungeon again.


  1. Also i know i need to look into lower level northrend herbs i may have to purchase them to continue crafting glyphs.

  2. It's the same story on my server. Even if I wanted to buy the horribly overpriced herbs it would only get me maybe 30 stacks.