Wednesday, September 8

Little Niche for scribes

As a scribe there are multiple ways to get rid of excess sknowfall ink. You can sell it raw, craft cards, runescrolls, and offhands. One of my favorite ways to get rid of excess snowfall is to craft 5 of each epic offhand. These sell for an average of 250g plus on my server. I make around 10 offhands at a time. I have them set up in QA3 to undercut by around 3 gold. I can normally sell 1-2 every few days sometimes more. Its a nice supplementary income that is low matienance.

1 comment:

  1. To increase sales advertising in /2 after posting can help sales. The downside is it might inform your competitors that they have been undercut.

    A general rule is that the higher the value the more the item will sell through chat advertising.

    Personally I have a few ad macros I use when I have reposted my auctions.