Friday, September 17

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Well updates where to start i guess with life. Me and my wife have gotten under contract to purchase a home. its 1500sq ft and just needs some love and care. Were getting a grant valued at 30499$ to use as a downpament and to cover closing cost. The price we offered on the home is 83500$. After having several episodes of drama things seem to be going well on this front total cost beig mortgaged is going to be around 50000$. Not bad for 3 bed rooms 2 bath home with vaulted living rom ceiligs etc. I'm also beging a new job part time until we close on the home after which ill begin fulltime. The job is IT related and looks like it will offer me a promising career. Its with a company where i can grow my IT skills evenly instead of just being a help desk technician or pigeon holed into one task. so yay me

Wow news theres not much because school has taken over. I want to play but between studying family and more work theres little time. I'm nervous about 4.0 making paladins lol ret again but things will work out im sure. Hunters seem to be promising and i may go ahead and farm BOA items to play one after the release of 4.0. Gold making is at a stand still but i am beginig to ammass some glyph stock that ill use upon 4.0s release assuming thats when the great glyph change happens. One funny thing is my son loves watching my pally ride his motorcycle around. Im using this as an ppurtunity to teach him how to move the character around. He likes it but being only 2 im not sure how long it will interest him.

On the MJ front depressing news. MJ arrest have risen 1.3% this year to 858,408 people. OF these arrest a whopping 88 percent (758,593 Americans) were charged with possession only. leaving only 99,815 other individuals that were charged with “sale/manufacture,” a category that includes virtually all cultivation offenses. This is the second highes total of arrest ever 2007 having the highest with 872,721 arrest. I guess this is americas freedom at work. Where individuals are arrested for pursuing happiness through the smoking of a plant that is arguably safer than americas other legal intoxicants.

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