Friday, September 3

Heh funny what happens when your removed from a blog roll.

Have you ever noticed when your blogs removed from someone Else's site? Well i just did i was once linked on Marckos site just my two copper. He was the reason i began making gold in the first place. I find it discerning to be removed from his blog roll. I guess i shouldn't complain most blog writers believe that Marcko is thing more than a sly business man. I however have no view other than his site is a great resource and i'm curious why my blog was removed from the list. Marcko if your reading this i wouldn't mind an answer you can drop it in the comments.

I guess i may have ran him off with my views on MJ, I wonder how many people i alienated for those post? I don't really care maybe they read it and learned something. Maybe it opened their mind to view the world in a different more free way. All i know is that when you have something on your mind that consumes it one way to alleviate this feeling is to write about it. MJ policy is one of those subjects for me.

The reason why im for changing our current MJ policy is because it was created by racism, lies, and propaganda. That the laws have been enforced unequally causing major harm to minority groups and young people. What little good is caused by the prohibiting the use of MJ(the safest drug available) is destroyed when you look at the harms of prohibition itself.

Prohibition has caused an increase in violence by drug dealers, cartels, gangs and given them a monopoly on distribution and production of MJ. It placed parents in jail and broken up families placed teens in jail. Prohibition has given police the ability to plant GPS on your car without a warrant. Prohibition has allowed police forces to use paramilitary forces to serve warrants entering homes by kicking down doors instead of knocking. Prohibition has allowed for swat to use tatics such as shoot dogs when serving warrants. Prohibition gave cops the power to steal property and sell it profit. Making MJ bust a great way to profit from the low hanging fruit. Prohibition has de regulated the sell of drugs allowing anyone even young teenagers 13-14 easy access to drugs through drug dealers.

The reason im for MJ policy change and only want legalization is because i know the current laws don't work. Prohibition of MJ has not ended use of MJ, Prohibition has not diminished the production or distribution of MJ. Prohibition has only cost us money destroyed lives and created criminals out of other wise law abiding people. People who just want to be taxed and accepted for their recreational drug of choice. A recreational drug that is safer than most pharmaceuticals, alcohol, or any other drug. A drug that was freely available since ancient times and used as medicine until 1913 when it was removed from the American Pharmacopoeia. A drug that grows naturally from a plant all it needs is tender loving care.

11 Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

A plant that if your christian was put here by god for people it was good. A plant that is so safe a person would have to smoke 80,000 joints in one hour to OD on. A plant that has more uses than just being a recreational drug. MJ and hemp its non drug cousin have been used by mankind for years and to forbid the use especially when it harms no other individuals goes against nature, common since, and the desire of god who said it was good.


  1. I want to express my support. Most are quick to dismiss this but they are not looking at the facts. Such is life. Others are wrong to judge you based on your opinion.

  2. Lol marko prolly dropped you because of your liberal hippie stuff and no real gold talk...grats btw on congress dropping your gays in the military/illegal immagrant bill today.

    Sadly you probobly had no idea the dems were trying to slide that one in...

  3. Hurray another basher probably the same one from my other post oh how i love causing your brain to hurt. Seriously man you need to learn that what you say here doesn't really bother me. In fact i think the only reason your offeneded is because you are unable to disagree with someone without resorting to trying to make them feel dumb.