Wednesday, September 29

Tales of PC repair

Phone call last friday from part time boss.

Boss: Hey can you install win 7 and install a gobi driver on this PC?
Me: Sure thats no problem ive installed win-7 and updated drivers.
Boss: also make sure the gobi has verizon running and that all the hardware is properly installed.
Me: ok no problem i have done that before.
Boss: Oh and i forgot to mention this pc does't have a cd drive.
Me: !!! says something about using a usb stick to install 7.
Boss: Also i need you to install a map program and configure the internal GPS unit to the program.
Me: Nervously saying i think i can do that.
Boss:sounds good you have until monday to finish this.

Later on during friday.
Boss: heres the laptop and a USB stick. All the dvds are in the box.
Me: thanks ill get this done asap.
Boss: Hey how much do you think this laptop is worth?
Me: definatley more than 1000$.
Boss: yeh much higher around 4000$. So make sure nothing happens to it.

What i forgot to mention about this weekend was that it was my birthday weekend. That i was going to be busy most of the day saturday and sunday. I tried researching how to install Win 7 via usb stick, but it was to complicated for me to work out to meet my monday deadline. So i ended up calling my brother who luckily enough had a usb dvd drive i could use. Got win 7 installed and all bu the gobi file installed by saturday night. I finished up mid afternoon on sunday.

Im really enjoying the part time work im getting from this boss. Its rewarding and definatley sharpening my trouble shooting skills. In the few weeks that ive been getting side work from him i have dealt with PSU issues, viruses, repairing windows installations. Its been an adventure especially since I currently borrow my neighbors internet. Which makes updating deaktop units a huge chore but nothing i couln't work around. I just finished fixing the 5th laptop i was given to work on. I really enjoy this work the probelem solving gives me a great since of accomplishment. The best part is im finally building experience, the extra money doesn't hurt either.

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