Thursday, September 2

Ret or Prot That is the question.

Currently my paladin is level 41 and specced ret. Which is good my attacks hit like a truck and i mow through mobs. However one of my readers suggested i tried prot. Well i may just do that i'm not sure to switch to prot i will have to level my 1h weapon skill but other than this there are no big hurdles. I have the shield from SM and the 1h tank sword from SM quest. The main reason i hesitate to change prot is that in pvp i may not be a killing machine. However i would be a usefull distraction and a possible flag carrier in PVP. I will probably just grab Duo spec and begin leveling wep. skill to try out prot. I know that as prot doing dungeons will become alot quicker to que which means less questing. However by having duo spec i can choose if i want a longer que time and quest or instant que and have no wait.

Im currently stockpiling ink. I have around 600 IOTS which is not nearly enough to begin crafting glyphs. I plan to continue buying northrend herbs in mass and hoarding my ink. This will have 2 effects the first is that ill be able to mass craft when i reach my desired ink level. The other is that i will drain my competition of their herb supplies. Which will send the prices of glyphs higher creating an ideal market for me to sell glyphs in whenever i reach my desired level of ink. Hopefully ill continue to craft around 500 IOTS a day reaching my desired storage point in 4 days. Once i reach 2k inks stored i plan to begin crafting 10 of every glyph. While i am crafting i will continue to syphon herbs off the market to keep my competition from supplying.

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