Wednesday, September 22

Mr. Gold Maker has run out of time

So im currently to busy to play wow or make gold. Im in a good spot to begin crafting glyphs for 4.o it just seems that things are currently to busy in life to really play wow effectivley. with less than an hour to play daily the reward for playing is non-exsistent. So with that in mind i have generally been using my game time to begin sharpening my modern warfare 2 skills. Why am i doing this? well i can get in a round or 2 and the reward of pleasure and happiness seems to be more than i can currently get from wow.

So since im currently unable or unwilling to play wow theres not much to update on the gold front. However i would like to invite my readers to play MW2 on xbox live with me if they wish to. my gamer tag is bobreaze88 just send me a friend invite with a message stating your a blog reader. ill add you to friends and hopefully catch you online to play a few games. I look forward to growning my friends list and hopefully enjoying the company of my readers. I even invite the ones that disagree with some of my more recent post to join me we can have civil debate through live instead of delayed postings on the inter-webz.

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