Wednesday, September 22

Little gems from the comment section.

Today my readers I'm going to share with you some lovely comments left by some of my anonymous commenter's. Whats great about these post is people come here to degrade my opinion but fail. Why do they fail because they don't seem to realize that most of their comments are un-educated and for the most part full of hate. i enjoy people having their own opinions in fact i love hearing a well thought out argument against what i believe. I have had my mind changed by arguments that make since and are well thought out. That's the beauty of humanity is we are a species with thousands of ideas and different opinions. The sad part of this beauty is you end up with people like one of my commenter's who does nothing but degrade me for my beliefs.

Anonymous said...
I don't recall sexual orientation ever being in the declaration of Independence or the constitution... maybe if they let gays in the service and be free to marry pedophiles can get jobs teaching or working at day cares. Wouldn't that be keen.

Ahh what a nice hate filled post. See this person starts with a fact no the declaration of Independence did not include sexual orientation. Nor did the constitution but what the declaration did was establish that everyman is created free and equal. With that in mind then by barring homosexuals from being married or serving openly in our military you have made a man un-equal. Gay rights is no different than the civil rights movement or woman rights movement it is a group of people working to become equal to their peers. I also think this posters beliefe is based on faith more so than facts the nice thing about our constitution is the seperation of church and state. Your allowed to follow your beliefs but laws should not be based on christian beliefs.

Then the poster makes a nice left hand turn into ignorance and slams his head straight into a wall of stupid. He argues that somehow being gay is equal to being a pedophile who preys on the young. You sir are wrong being gay doesn't make you morally bankrupt. You probably believe that if gays are allowed to marry then all hetero sexual marriages will end in divorce. I don't mind a good logical thought out reason for why gays shouldn't be married but this is not it. Even an argument based on faith is not good enough to make someone a second class citizen. I'm christian i don't hate gays i don't dislike them i honestly i don't criticize or try and state their going to hell for their sexual orientation. I let them make their choice i may mention the bible says its wrong but god gave us a free will to do what we want. However god also said treat others as you want to be treated and by making gays second class citizens you become a sinner no different than any other sinner in the eyes of god.

Anonymous said...
He has a point. Slippery slope thing. Also what does this have to do with wow gold making?

Slippery slope so you let gays marry then what? Where does the slope go I'm just wondering because to me there is no where else for it to go. By allowing gays to marry you give them equality which is all they want. As for gold making this post has nothing to do with it. I post about what i want on my blog if you haven't noticed titles changed there will still be wow related post just not as many.

Anonymous said...
Lol marko prolly dropped you because of your liberal hippie stuff and no real gold talk...grats btw on congress dropping your gays in the military/illegal immagrant bill today. Sadly you probobly had no idea the dems were trying to slide that one in...

I agree after much thought i don't care that i was dropped from his blog roll. Yes my post have veered away from being strictly wow related. I did care when i wrote that post but have since stopped worrying about it. As for grats on congress dropping a bill i think it shows the lack of spine many of our congress members have to make the right decision. They only make tough decisions when its not their ass on the line. Honestly i think we need term limits on senators . why because 50 years of the same senator stagnates our congress from being effective. The old order rules and no progress can be made for the country.

BTW I'm not a liberal but an independent i vote on who has the best ideas and who i think will help move our country in he best direction. Sometimes its democrats sometimes its republicans honestly I'm not to happy with either. Recently my alignment has been towards the liberal side why because what the right wants is not in my opinion whats best for our country as a whole. As for being a hippie i guess i do have hippie tendencies . As for the lack of gold post its because of the lack of need for gold or lack of playing wow.

This is all for today im sorry to bring controversy to my readers but i believe that by sharing my oppinon i may change a few minds. If you dont like my view or disagree please comment tell me why or add to the converstation. i really try my best to read every comment with an open mind. BTW since this will move down the last post let me add my xbox gamer tag is bobreaze88 if you wish to discuss with voice chat any of my views or just get a few kills on COD:MW2 id love the company of my readers. Just send invites and mention the blog. I even invite you mr Anon #1 to come and play and if you want to discuss your comments or my views in a non hostile way that would be fine with me.


  1. totally with you 100% on the term limits for congress for exactly the reason you stated.

  2. You didn't comment on how the bill for gay rights was coated with other gems like immigration,defense budget, and a few other hotpoints. Not to mention they threw this large poorly handled bill to make this an issue to vilanise republicans since all they spoke of from it was the gay rights issues at hand. Imagine if this wasn't an election year with democratic approval in the toilet. Pretty sure the handling would have been a little better.

    There's my 3copper for now I'll address everything else later when time is more in my favor... I still don't feel that the gay populus need special rights to join the military,but I'm sure we can dispute the marriage thing later....I mean hell wouldn't they be happier acting straight for now and showering with all the straight guys? Last I checked if they were happy to just be gay and not have to dance around singing about it they could all join now. I mean straight people don't. Run around yelling I'm straight accept me!!!

    Troll ya later , Mr. Anonymous...

  3. Mr anon #2 no straight guys and gals in the forces don't prance around as you state spouting their straight. However take this scenario for instance a gay soldiers officer happens to see him at a club whatever and the soldier kisses his lover. If the soldier is straight no consequences. However if the soldier is gay they get dishonorably discharged does that sound like its fair. No its not. This is why i believe don't tell dont ask should be repealed.

    Honestly im not going to speak on the bill specificly why because a i havent read into it as well as you. And B getting into an argument over which side rep. or dem vilifies the other is well pointless. They both try to win through fear not through progress or any accomplishments. The dems using this bill as a way to villify the Rep. Is no different than the republicans trying to shove the economic mess on dems. Their both responsible for the issue no one wants to admit it though.