Friday, September 3

Where I came from. Where im going, ( a recap of my wow career)

My first character to hit 60 back in wow classic was a paladin. I had the misconception 1-40 that i was going to DPS. Well that didn't work out because back in those times paladins were designed to heal. I was an odd ball until i finally grabbed some cloth and began healing. ZF was my first dungeon to heal I eventually healed all the classic dungeons. I raided ZG, MC, and Ony. one attempt at BWL and a few AQ20 attempts. Attaining an ok mix of purples including my coveted T2 helm( the best pally set ever). I concluded Wow classic a healer and began BC a mage.

I leveled 2 70s in BC a mage alliance, and then a horde warrior. I never managed to even take my mage to Kara during BC. Shortly after 70 i made full switch from alliance to horde leaving behind a server and friends to play with family. I then began leveling a undead warrior which btw was probably one of the hardest classes to level at the time besides priest which is what i tried first. I switched between fury, arms until around 65 when i went full protection. I raided mostly T4 raids eventually clearing ZA several times. My warrior was decked out in full t4 tank, and arms set i was managing to top my guilds ZA raids DMG charts whenever 3.0 came around.

In lich king my playing has been different than most other expansions. I had a kid and got married and grew up alot. I leveld my original pally (Jeri) from 62-75 before having to deactivate my account. I also leveled a druid from 65-80 gearing it up to around 5150 gs and have an average 4850 gs for 2 offspecs. I managed to kill a boss in every raid but ruby sancutm. I also began writing about my wow journeys and experiences making gold. I managed to make around 60k gold casually playing the AH and starting a mammoth glyph industry. Ive taken breaks but returned to wow for various reasons. However playing wow is like puting on my favorite shirt it fits just right. I play wow as a hobby its a place to meet newpeople and kill time. I used to be hardcore raider every night now i just raid once a month if that. Im a gold making machine when i set my mind to it. I can amass enough to buy whatever items i want. This is my wow history for anyone who cares.

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