Monday, September 20

2nd class citizen.( a rant )

Imagine yourself in love with a person wanting to share your life with them. You want to make things official under the law but can't. You can't because people think you wanting to spend your life together some how harms their marriage or them. Or imagine you want to serve in the military so that you can get experience in life job skills and benefit from the GI bill. However if you do you can't tell your sexual orientation or you will be judged. Along with that you will be working in an environment that is hostile towards your sexual preference for no valid reason. This is a common problem for gay Americans they face prejudice from every angle when all they want is to be equal to non gay citizens.

To me this is a heart breaking situation. Personally i know a few gay people and have never had an issue with any of them. In fact they seem to be some of the most honest people you will meet. However it seems that Americans have this notion that gays are the root of evil. That by allowing them to marry or vocalize their orientation we degrade our country. How is a gay person being gay hurt our country though? if they all married tomorrow I'm sure it might help. Perhaps some would marry a spouse that has health insurance and they would be insured reducing the number of un-insured. Perhaps these gay couples would stop the trend of adopting foreign kids and begin helping raise the orphans of America. But wait gays can't raise children that would cause the world to end some would say. Well your wrong children need to be raised in a loving home be it gay parents or hetero reducing the number of orphans and un adopted children in America would only benefit us in the long run.

If your against gays being themselves and choosing a different lifestyle than you you are un American and judgemental. If you believe that being gay is a sin you are Christian. But if you believe being gay a sin you must also follow the bible which states to love all people like you love yourself regardless of their sins. I find that many Christians myself included forget the passage let those who are with out sin cast the first stone. We judge without wanting to be judged we don't accept or try to understand that which we find morally wrong. We live in a close minded country where we use our laws to dictate morality when in fact we shouldn't judge. All Homo sexual men and women want is to be an equal citizen like you and me. To not let their sexual orientation dictate what they can and can't do. I believe we should give them this because in a free country all men are created equally be it gay, straight, llama whatever.


  1. I don't recall sexual orientation ever being in the declaration of independance or the constitution... maybe if they let gays in the service and be free to marry pedophiles can get jobs teaching or working at daycares. Wouldn't that be keen.

  2. He has a point. Slippery slope thing. Also what does this have to do with wow gold making?

  3. Declaration of independence? Wasn't that something about all MEN are created equal? How did women's rights arise then? Just because it isn't specifically mentioned in the DoI dose not automatically veto it. Also the slippery slope argument is not relevant - pedophilia has nothing to do with sexual orientation & further as your argument presupposes there should be no pedophiles who currently work as teachers / daycare because that is contingent on granting homosexuals equal rights but we know they do. And I think this post is relevant to gold making as *god-forbid* some peeps who play AH PVP are gay & care about their rights.

  4. As for gold making related if you haven't noticed recently my blog is about what i want to talk about. Gold, gays, MJ legalization. Its a platform for me to state my views and for you to disagree with me or to not.

    Whats slipery about the slope of granting people equal rights. Was it wrong to grant Black americans equal rights? no it wasn't it made it so that we can repair the damage of many generations of hurt. IF you believe granting people equal rights is wrong you are un american and a bigot and should have your rights stripped away.