Friday, April 30

Priest is for haelz: my guide to healing level 10-19

So you've made the decision to try healing. Good the world of warcraft could always use more healers. Your job sounds simple make sure people stay alive. Well your in for a crash course in mana management and appropriate spell casting. Today I'm going to teach you how to accomplish both of these on your low level priest. To begin ill speak a little bit about your healing spells up to this level.

Your Healing Arsenal

Lesser Heal - a small heal with a 2.0 cast time.

Heal- A larger heal with a 2.5 cast time. Generally heals double what lesser heal can.

Renew- HOT spell.

PW:Shield- A shield that prevents damage to target. 4 second cd in between uses, 15 sec debuff that prevents use of shield on previously shielded targets.

These are the spells that are provided for you during your journey from 10-19. It's not a large arsenal but it does the job. So now that your a little more familiar with the spells I'm going to discuss the 5 second rule. This rule is that if you don't cast for 5 seconds your mana will begin regenerating at 100% even though your in combat. Generally if you can try reduce casting heals to when their necessary so you stay outside of the 5 second rule and regenerate more mana. This reduces down time and allows you to waste less time drinking water in between pulls. Also you should pickup the talent Spirit Tap from the shadow tree. This talent lets you gain passive more spirit to increase your mana regeneration. The only problem is to activate it you must get the killing blow. So to get the killing blow wand when no one needs heals. This gives you a chance to gain spirit tap and reduce time needed to recover mana also it allows you to be useful while staying outside of the 5SR.

Priest healing at this level is not very complicated. Mainly it consist of placing bubble and renew on tank or other players a needed. Then topping them off whenever the bubble drops until you can use bubble again. The most complicated decision you have is should I use Lesser Heal or Heal. A general rule of thumb to use in this situation is to ask yourself these questions.

Is the player above 65% health? then use lesser heal & renew. Also PW:S and Renew can stop or reduce incoming damage. IF its a tank renew & PW: S should be on him anyways.

Is the player below 65% health and dropping quickly? Then use Heal, also PW:S and Renew can stop or reduce incoming damage.

The first 9 levels of learning to play a healer are probably the easiest mainly because your choices are limited. You only have a few spells that you can cast. The hardest part is making sure you cast the appropriate spell to save mana. The other thing that you should do during these introductory levels is begin learning to use the 5 SR and wand monsters for spirit tap.

This is really all the info I can share about healing as a priest because mine is only 20. Hopefully I can share a guide for every bracket of the leveling process. So the next one will cover 20-29 it will include new spells and possible healing tactics. I also want to create a short guide on how to use heal bot an addon which is kinda like a combination of grid and clique. I do suggest that any new healers begin using heal bot or a similar addon asap because it will make life easier to become familiar with it as you level.

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