Friday, April 23

Back on task.

So when i created this blog i originally wanted to be a gold tip provider. Offer advice to people on how they can make gold etc. Well as you may have noticed i have not been offering advice but sharing what I'm doing. Which is good and bad, sharing what I'm doing may give my readers information that they needed but its not really a tip. So what to do about this well I'm not going to stop posting what I'm doing. Its a big chunk of what my blog is. I am going to try and either make a guide or post a useful tip at least once a week. I plan to begin doing this once school releases me for the summer around may 7.

Since I'm already typing though i might as well share a tip with you guys that I've tried typing several times this week. The tip will be about taking advantage of niche markets.

Niche market - a small market which has a small customer base with a high demand. Usually has little to no competition. ( Stokpile keeps providing good info)

Niche Markets- enchanting rods, profession bags, gems(leveling IE from thorium), meat, Twink enchants,

These markets should be covered if you can. Most of the time there is low or no competition. Markets like enchanting rods can bring you in over around 150g each for an arcanite rod that cost you around 50g to make 10. Which means over 1500g from filling a market void that only takes a few minutes to craft. Profession bags are also rarely posted the other day there were no inscription bags on my server leaving a market that could have been filled. Gems from thorium are needed for JC to get up to 300. These are generally rare on the AH prospecting thorium almost always ends up profitable. Twink enchants are common sellers fiery, crusader etc are always selling to people re rolling. Meat this is a commonly over looked market if you can purchase up a good amount of the lower level meat to control a market the profits could be enormous. Sometimes clam meat goes for 40g a stack on my server and generally is low supply every now and then snatching this up cheaply and flipping it will give you a small niche market for a limited time. All of these methods will introduce you to various niche markets which can add to your income. Remember diversification increases profits.

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  1. Writing about what you are doing ARE gold tips actually. You can give a carpenter a table saw, but if they don't know how to use it... heh beware. Knowing a process that is proven to work is something that you can try to emulate and edit, refine and rework. Make it into something unique to yourself and your server.

    Like Tella once said, "you can only tell people to make flasks, enchant stuff, cut gems so many times." A copy --> paste of a buy/sell list can only get you so far. It's the _how_ and the _why_ of it all that makes an AH player a success.

    TL;DR: theory > inventory