Monday, April 12


Sorry for the lack of post last week. School is in its final month which means teachers are keeping me busy making sure i work my butt off so i can graduate. SO it has taken some of my wow time away also. This weekend was a profitable weekend. I made around 4kg putting my total to 23k gold. I think my spending spree has come to an end for now so hopefully my liquid gold should rise more dramatically this week than it did last week. I also hope to invest a little money into enchanting this week. Currently some scrolls sell for 100g-300g just for basic enchants such as AP to boots etc.

I haven't commented on druid changes for several reasons. One we only know a little bit about what they plan to do 2 i wanted to sleep on it before just coming to my blog to rant. On tree form change i believe this could be an interesting change, I am sad to see tree form leave but if it becomes something interesting such as giving us several different dynamic spells to go along with new tree form i may be happy. If its just a 3rd trinket button ill be a little upset loosing an iconic form to just have it be a third trinket is not fun. I believe they are going to change up restos spells. SO while we may not get new spells we could possibly see completely redesigned spells. Please blizzard make Life bloom be a Hot that jumps after each bloom until the stack is depleted.

Feral druids seem to be getting a nod. Their speed buff seems like a waste but whatever its not like it wont have its uses but i don't see using it to often myself. AoE bleed move seems pretty cool it will definitely help out with aoe aggro not that swipe cant handle it. As for maul being instant I'm going to take a wait and see approach to the rage changes for druids. Currently as a tank you almost need to have unlimited rage to spam attacks and there is not much time for thinking. Its put out max threat now or get the monster pulled off of you.

The boomkin changes seem like their heading in the right direction. In fact the new changes to boomkin kinda make me want to pick it up as my dps spec again. IT gets rid of the random aspects and is definitely adding a unique flavor to being boomkin. Plus magic mushrooms mannn cant we just all get along. Druid changes seem like they could be great I'm just going to take a wait and see approach and try not to get to worked up over the changes.

Another thing I'm doing in preparation for cataclysm is saving triumph badges for BoA gear. I think with the changes to leveling ill end up taking a new toon at least 1-60 if not all the way to 85. I want to make this as painless as possible so ill be twinking the gear out as much as possible. Possible classes I'm interested in leveling are Hunter, Shaman, Priest, or Mage. I'm not sure which ill level currently i have the BOA cloth chest and BOA PVP Mail shoulders.

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