Wednesday, April 7

Gear doesn't matter.

Last night i decided to say screw it and throw my self to the wolves in LFG as a tank. I had 25k HP and even had a spell power trinket equipped. Guess what the world didn't crumble in fact i tanked 4 heroic dungeons with only one wipe. The best part is the one wipe came from what is arguably the most challenging dungeon in this expansion. That's right me a 25k Hp 35% dodge still wearing the snowflake trinket druid tank managed to successfully tank Halls of Reflection heroic with one wipe. So whats the conclusion of last nights endeavor ? That gear doesn't matter if you have a good group and smart players gear is just a bonus that can help them perform better.

Notes on druid tanking. Druid tanking is probably the most mindless out of all 4 tanking classes. During trash pulls its a swipe/maul fest. Which means i spam one button macro that cast swipe and ques maul. Occasionally ill put out lacerates to feel like I'm doing something else. Druids seem to lack any kind of intricate tank style. We don't have to follow a rotation like pallies or manage runes and wait on cool downs like Dk. Were not like warriors who have a bunch tools and more of a priority system. Druids have swipe/maul macro its really all you need to tank trash and It is even used fairly often on single target pulls. So hopefully in cataclysm we will get more fun tanking tools i guess it balances out. Because on one hand druid tanks are wtf easy mode tanking and on the other playing a druid kitty dps is like wtf hard as hell. Kitty dps requires a player to keep 2 bleed effects up, mangle debuff if no druid tanks, keep savage roar buff on, use tigers fury and Beserking appropriately. In my opinion druid kitties could stand to have some of their stuff simplified. While its nice knowing that being a good kitty druid means you are awesome. its a pain knowing that if one button was removed from our bars life could be even easier and allow for more situational awareness.

Gold report. I'm sitting at 19k steady I would be at around 23k but when you change specs gear must be bought.


  1. I'm glad tanking went well for you. Druid cat dps is doable, but it requires you to be extremely fond of and friendly with your bleed tracking mod. With the mangle change (ONE WHOLE MINUTE!!), I'm finding that I'm screwing up my "rotation" less.

  2. You are completely correct, gear isn't that important, personally I'm a pretty well geared priest. When i see an undergeared tank i don't mind AS LONG AS HE CLEARLY MADE AN EFFORT, as long as he's enchanting(most of) his gear & gemming.. i'm ok with it

  3. Rob you would hate me 90% kitty gear with agility gems. Its ok though im working on it t9 legs full gemed and chanted to tank.