Wednesday, April 28

Tales from the dungeon: trials and tribulations of leveling through using the dungeon finder.

Recently i have been leveling a priest. I have decided that most of my leveling will be through dungeon finder and random BG with quest at appropriate levels 58 & 68. The reason for not really questing is i don't enjoy it. I have leveled through azeroth at least 5 times and through BC 4 times. I'm really burnt out on the content its not fun anymore. So that's why i decided that i would pvp and do dungeons.

One thing that i found shocking was that i found myself enjoying PVP. For most of my wow career i scoffed at it and found it utterly boring. It just never appealed to me until now. Its amazing what a difference a healer can make on a game of WSG i feel like i actually have a tangible affect on the outcome. My priest is a blast to play in pvp even without all of his fun tools just lesser heal, heal, bubble, and renew i always am trying to make sure i heal effectively.

Dungeon finder is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. I find that most of my groups from this have been adequate with the exception of having a paladin 2h tank at level 14. Its kinda nice getting grouped with some people that really know how to play a class even at a low level. It also allowed me to visit one of my favorite dungeons in game which is Deadmines. Its one of my favorites because it was the first dungeon i ever played in WOW.

So now for the gold update well I'm at 48,500g which means I'm only 1500g away from reaching the next mile stone which is 50k gold. I'm excited but also i believe I'm getting burnt out so after i reach 50k I'm going to tone down gold post, and probably tone down my attention given to the glyph market for a while. I plan to still make gold but I'm going to change from a re post 3 times a day to re post maybe 1 time a day. Which means my current pet project leveling my priest may become the highlight of the blog for a while.


  1. How funny, I'm doing the exact same thing levelling my 74 priest! Healing in BGs are super fun :)

    I've been using Grid and Clique to handle my healing...but my healing is mainly Flash Heal, Greater Heal, Shield, and Renew. I don't use Lesser Heal or Normal Heal at all. I also run out of mana *crazy* fast :) Do you find you're still a viable healer without the quick Flash Heals?

  2. So far bear in mind im only level 19. So my healing spell options are limited. How ever i find if the tank isn't taking tons of damage that a large heal every 5-8 seconds is better than spamming flash heal to keep them topped off. Remember the 5 second rule, 5 seconds of no casting means your mana regens at 100%. Unfortunatley your at level 74 where your gear sucks and tanks think their 80s in full t9 aoeing 3 packs at once.

  3. I'm doing the same thing, healing a bunch of randoms on my priest. They're now almost fully kited out in blues with either SP or spirit on them.

    All you have to do is cast power shield on the tank and then alt tab or go make a sammich, seriously they'll take zero damage for the duration.

    Doesn't make good money or xp/hour but it sure is fun to see the old instances that I've never done at the appropriate level. Highly recommended to do a few every couple levels.