Wednesday, April 21

results of the attack. Gold still coming in.

So finally its time to tell you how the attack worked out. Well to be honest it exceeded my expectations. I had really only planned for my multi market attack to push me through the 30k barrier but i guess i low balled my estimate. Currently my gold is sitting at 36.5k gold which is around 8k higher than when i started the attack. Which means in four days i averaged around 2k total income from all my markets. While this isn't huge like some people *cough* *cough* Stokpile. No offense meant by that just poking fun at one the masters. This is what i normally pull in from about a week and a half of work so essentially it doubled my income.

SO i guess the next question is will i continue this multi market push. Yes and no if i find the time to craft more than glyphs sure ill keep on doing it as long as i can. It really only took around 30 minutes extra to craft wands and metas. The bags took a good bit longer mainly because production time is longer on bags. I definitely enjoy working multiple markets and its great to see 600-1k gold pulled out of a mailbox at one time.

What can my readers learn from this ? Well you learn that diversifying increases income. By putting a toe in multiple markets you can double the gold you make even without having some of the professions needed. Paying someone to do task for you is a way to gain access to professions and save time. It only cost me 300g to have 40 meta gems transmuted and cut(meaning materials for transmutes & 100g tip for cutting). The profit from these gems was around 2000g give or take a few hundred. Want to know the time investment for me to do this ? It took 8 minutes of my time and around 8 minutes of someonelse's which i was busy doing something else during. Use other people to make money and diversify then you can reap the benefits of multiple markets.

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