Wednesday, April 14

Gold Making Plateaus & a market update

When focusing on making gold in wow it seems like there are several plateaus that a player can reach. For some players reaching 5k is their plateau others try and reach a higher plateau 10k , 20k, 214k 54s 13c or whatever the gold cap is. A plateau in wow gold making seem to be when you reach a point and hover around it for several days even weeks. They are almost like barriers trying to keep you on them or below them. Some of the reason why players reach these plateau are personal goals they don't feel like going higher. Other players just spend a few days there maybe they needed to restock on items to sell etc, or they could be like me and completely changes both specs requiring the purchase of gear, enchants, and glyphs. The important thing to remember about each of these plateaus is that while it may seem difficult to reach or leave. It is not impossible with patience, effort, and controlled spending eventually you will surpass the barrier. So don't be discouraged because your sitting at 9k and wanting to break through to over 10k gold.

Last night was a sells boom i probably made around 1k-1.5k gold. Which on my server in its competitive glyph market is a decent income. Glyphs are chugging along I'm just working on doing research daily and adding the new glyphs to my que. It seems that either one of my competitors has given up or created new bank alts. Which is a good thing for me if they left the market. It means my presence will be larger and that i can acquire more sells. Maybe they are on vacation but since their departure a few glyphs have reset to my fallback price which always makes me happy. Currently sitting at 23k gold with more coming in steadily. I have not yet entered the enchanting market due to time commitments not enough time to figure out what to create. I plan to enter this market once i have more time to sit down and plan out the different enchants worth crafting.

My druid is now raid ready sitting at 34k self buffed HP. I plan to still acquire my full t9 gear for him but i also want to try my hand at tanking various PUG raids. Ill try and keep you guys updated on how this progresses. I'm also considering switching my secondary dps spec to boomkin because its more forgiving and would allow me easier access to raids as a dps. I may however just make my alt spec healing that away i can cover all the essential roles needed for a raid. Once my t9 is purchased i plan to begin saving triumph badges so that i can gather gear to level an alt in cataclysm. I still haven't decided on a class but i find my self leaning towards Hunter, Shaman, Pally, and Priest. Some people may be saying but you have a high level pally, which is true however he is currently on an inactive account collecting dust along with my t4 geared warrior of the same level. I'm not sure what ill decide yet really depends on what role i feel like playing when i level up through cataclysm. Tanking is always sexy and has super fast ques. But i have never played an exclusive dps class during endgame. Either way between gathering badges so that i can get leveling gear ill be leveling my DK slowly to 80 so he can be ready to level inscription.


  1. 34k is TOTALLY enough health to tank heroics. You might even be able to tank regular FOS & POS.

  2. Lol I have been tanking heroics with lower health infact before my gear got better i tanked halls of reflection i think my unbuffed health was 26k and buffed 31k for that one dungeon.