Tuesday, April 27

Studying for finals SUCKS!

Finals are here and seeing as I'm trying my hardest to pull as many A letter grades as I can. Haven't had much time to do a good thoughtful post for my readers. So what is today's post about well its about nothing really I'm just doing the same old same old. Well except for i did take a gamble and flip some epic 264 leather melee dps boots. I purchased them for 7 k gold and sold them for 9k gold ended up with 1.6k profit for minimal work.

Well I lied i did begin playing my level 14 priest over the weekend got him to 17. I definitely need to get him a few more inscription bags so that when i solo i can just pull out my netherweave and leave my glyphs easily accessible in my bank. It is interesting running lowbie dungeons knowing that this one toon probably has more gold on him than their main characters. To bad i can't purchase items from other players to ensure an easier time leveling oh well the random package of goods is helping fill my non BOA slots. I also found another niche market that i may fill which is the +22 int to a 2h because there was only one on the AH and it could be a good seller in cataclysm. I say this because while most people believe adding +30 sp is best for casters i disagree most of the pain for casters in low levels comes from lack of mana.

Tonight me and my cousin will enter the random dungeon me healing him tanking. Go go lowbie priest heals. Its kinda funny how much more i have to try and heal at this level. Mana management is key i guess this is what cataclysm will be like. Give healers more time to think and pick appropriate heals. Its also fun to be in BGs and make a difference because i can keep my team alive while they decimate the other players. All and all with new ways to level my priest its allot less painful than it was when i first attempted it in BC.


  1. Odd, I'm actually leveling a priest as well. And yes, +22 int is a great scroll to sell. I like it more than 30sp because it cuts down on down time dramatically. Inform a few people of this and they'll likely reconsider, especially if int is more expensive hehehe. Good luck on healing old world dungeons, I can't possibly imagine them being easy, boa gear or not. Curious to how that goes as I'll be trying the same thing though I've never healed at all heh.

    Good luck on finals!

  2. Thanks stok. So far only one fail group that i had to bail on. Odd that you ahve never healed at all. What classes have you played as your mains?