Tuesday, April 6

Changing things up.

Last night Ktq decided to screw the pooch. It qued up 8 of every glyph so now i have odd stack sizes up to 16. Which also meant for the second week in a row i did not have enough ink for production. Which would have been fine but i had o purchase some adders tongue for 19g a stack. Made me sick that i used all my ink like that. However its not a bad thing just means my stock is larger than anticipated. I also made it up to 19k gold last night before i spent some on my druid.

I leveled my enchanting to 440 and purchased some new patterns from the dream shard person. now i just need to decide on whats most profitable to craft. Stokpiles blog has allot of information on it about enchanting so ill have to see if i can't get some ideas from him. I created 10 scrolls last night that should sell for anywhere from 100g-200g which means around 1k-1.5kg profit from materials i had sitting in my bank.

The dark moon faire is in town so i plan to list all my snowfall ink tonight or find a bulk buyer. Hopefully someone is interested and i can unload it for 12g each but I'm willing to take as little as 8g each. Speaking on the faire i can't see how the cards are even profitable they never seem to sell well. So my vow is to never craft anymore its a waste of my resources and id rather make off hands and runescrolls of fortitude.

My druid has changed both his specs. He is now kitty/bear combo which so far is doing OK. My kitty gear is top notch missing a few enchants and random gear pieces such as a trinkets and idol. bear set is suffering a little i currently only have 24k self buffed hp in bear. Most of my kitty gear=bear gear so that's probably why. However i plan to run dungeons with my healer buddy to get more badges to get t9 4/4 for feral. My first night as kitty dps i pulled 4500 dps on bosses which is respectable for heroics. I think i can do better with practice and perfecting my rotation-priorities. I'm looking forward to getting my bear set ready so that i can unleash my inner bear.

A question for my readers is 24k hp and 35% dodge to low to tank heroics? What if i have an excellent healer friend ? Bears don't have to stack def. to a cap so i would be crit immune.


  1. I think ye olde rule of thumb for Naxx was 20-25k to tank, so it should be OK for heroics. Not like TOC-5 or higher, but the lower heroics.

  2. You probably could tank the lower level heroics, but people get a bit iffy when they see their tanks with that kinda HP. I'd probably suggest just going DPS for the time being and spamming ToC/IC HC's for all your tank gear. If you line with a healer, it only takes about 2 minutes anyway.

  3. Benj thats what i was thinking of doing. I have a healer that will do pretty much anything with me so im not to worried about it.