Friday, April 2

Win some and lose some.

The last few days my glyph sells have ben pitiful. I average around 700-800g a day which is alot lower than the 1500g my first few days of being a scribe. There are several factors to why this has happend. The first one is just being undercut it seems like my main competition manages to log in right after me and undercut me. This is no big deal but it does slow the sale of glyphs. So I have tried to begin posting after my competition on days that i manage this my sells are dramaticly higher than if i post to early and get undercut. The other one is players seem to have slowed their buying of glyphs. I suppose they have gotten their telents set and dont need to adjust them at the moment.

I am starting to stockpile more ink im thinking about droping my threshold on ktq and just creating every glyph. This would give me a bigger market pressence and the chance that some of the leveling glyphs may not be posted. Which would allow me to post at my fallback price which is nice. Im going to have to refil glyphs tomorrow which is going to be tedious but its necessary tokeep crafting. Currently im sitting at around 12.5k gold total which means im well over the 10k barrier and heading towards 20k quickly. If the weekend sells are good i may be able to break 20k by next weekend.

Stokpile asked me to post more about bulk mail 2. Well I have pics on it and plan to do a guide as soon as i find the time. Hopefully I can paint on the pictures to prepare them for a monday post. This addon is absolutley essential if you use diffrent toons to craft it is amazing how useful it is. More on this in a few days though.

Today is friday the best day of the week. I'm going to get my first tattoo tonight wish me luck. I know its going to be painful but the end result is worth it. Here is a link to what i plan to get done Ill post pics on it also mainly because i want to share them with my readers.


  1. If you are going to post every glyph (as I do), be prepared for significant /afk periods while you get your returned/successfull mail. 300 return mails are a lot :) (It's when i do a lot of my blog reading).

  2. I don't think that the slow in money making from Glyphs will be due to people not buying. It will mainly be from being undercut. I sell just as many glyphs now as I did when they first came out. Players are always switching specs and trying new setups out even with dual spec a lot of players constantly change.

  3. I currently craft every glyph over 5g and post 4 up on AH. 800 mail at a time sucks.

  4. Dont make EVERY glyph. Some glyphs are just so stupid that even the more retarded people wont use them