Tuesday, April 20

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My multi market attack has begun. I had bags, meta gems, glyphs, arcanite rods, and a few enchants posted. While i didn't get everything made i wanted i am satisfied with how much i did get done. The thing is when i do these types of carpet bombs i normally craft 20 of every item i want to sell. So while my initial burst will be today whenever i get to check my mail the full results of my efforts will take a few days to become ripe. Ill have to re post several of the items over the next few days but that's ok. what doesn't sell today will sell tomorrow. When i logged i had 28.5k gold which means dabbling in these markets should put me well over 30k gold.

Now i know I've been saying I'm going to do something enchanting, maybe i worked some of you up thinking i would attack enchanting similar to how i dove in glyphs. Well I'm sorry to disappoint you guys if my methods for this market is different. Enchanting for some reason is more daunting for me to jump into. I can't simply blanket the enchanting market like glyphs you have to pick and choose the best enchants to craft. So last night i began doing this i put my toe in the enchanting pond hoping it didn't get bit. My method send 1k gold and 10 of each vellum to my enchanter. My enchanter had a few mats sitting on him to help mitigate the gold cost. So what did i spend my 1k gold on well i only spent a portion and created only 3 weapon enchants. I spent around 344g on buying infinite dust and abyssal crystals to make 3 55 sp weapon enchants that sell for around 600g each on my server. This is not a big splash like i made in the glyph market but its a start. Once these scrolls sell ill make more and diversify what enchants i make.

I hope to keep learning more about what works in enchanting. One thing is for sure its a very lucrative market. Hopefully ill get to check my mail later today. Which means tomorrow ill give you guys a result of my multi market attack.


  1. A few tips on my so called best sellers from each of those markets.

    Adamantite rods. Seriously, the price of the ore/bars fluxuates so wildly it's common to see a 90g rod CHEAPER than the current bar prices.

    For metas get some chaotic skyflares and relentless earthsieges. There's a few others that sell with no competition (usually) but those are the best.

    Enchanting is a very intimidating market due to the source of materials, DE only. But there's several enchants that you'll always sell: 10 stats/chest, mongoose, 4 stats/chest, 15 agility/weapon, ice walker, excep. spell power/gloves and of course berserking.

    Hope that helps you get a bit of direction, I love the enchanting market and is great money for sure.

  2. Adding to what Stockpile said - Crusader, 30 SP on Weapon, 30agility, tuskars vitality and fiery weapon are good sellers. On the twink enchants, you can usually put a fallback of AT LEAST double your fallback.

    As well, if you fancy farming Ulduar or know someone that can make you a couple of Bladeward and Blood draining enchants, you can put a couple of hundred gold margin on them, and they sell a couple of times a week. Slower money, but easy money none the less.