Friday, April 16

Planning: multi market attack.

Ive been dissatisfied with my income lately. Glyphs bring in decent income but I am interested in expanding to more markets. Flask are not an option because crazy herb prices and being transmute spec. I do make meta gems occasionally but not to regularly. So next week i plan to begin a multi market attack.

To do this i will have to higher out some crafters a BS & possibly a JC depending on cuts i want. The markets i plan to blanket are enchanting rods i plan to make 10 arcanite and 10 titanium rods this should be a weeks supply. Ill also pay the BS to craft 20 more belt buckles if that market has returned to normal or 35-45g selling price. I will also transmute 20 of each meta gem. Then ill pay a JC to make decent cuts out of each meta. Next i plan to purchase some netherweave and craft a good amount of bags to cover that market.

I also plan to start dabbling in the enchanting scrolls market. I'm going to begin small only making 5-10 scrolls 2 of which will be more expensive weapon enchants. I am doing this to dip my toes in the water so to speak. I know there is a large profit in enchanting i just need to find my niche. Ill also make at least 5 fiery scrolls to sell and possibly some crusader scrolls depending on material cost.

My glyph machine is also going to add a new item to be created. Runed scrolls of fortitude & the BOE off hands. Since snowfall ink sells like poop on my server i plan to convert at least 3/4ths of my supply into these. The other 1/4th ill keep for use in research. Glyphs will hopefully be crafted and maintained ensuring high amount of sells.

List of intended markets.
Enchanting rods
Enchanting scrolls
Netherweave bags
Eternal Belt Buckles(if their price is back to normal)
Runed Scrolls of Fort.
BOE offhands
Meta Gems

Hopefully I'm successful and able to get everything crafted. Mainly I just need time to purchase mats and craft. Maybe Sunday ill get some of this time to at least get my extra markets crafted. That will leave Monday for another glyph session. Ill keep you guys updated on how my market attack is progressing hopefully this push will break me through the 30k barrier. It should currently I'm siting at 25k which is pretty respectable for a month of casual work in glyphs.


  1. Im liking the sound of your plan :)

    Hope all goes well.

    The only problem with being in so many markets is keeping stocked up on goods to sell :P

  2. Thats why its more of an attack. Hit it all at once then restock whenever i feel like doing another. If i were to try and do it constantly i would burn out to quick.

  3. Hey I was thinking about doing a Write up on how to make some gold if you multibox, like playing 5 toons at once, any ideas?

  4. I have to agree, Keeping stocks of everything may get to be overloading yourself and radically effect your actual play time.

  5. Theoreticly multi- boxing sounds great. To me the only place it would work well would be if you did mass prospecting or milling. When crafting i dont believe that multiboxing would work. Unless your doing something such as creating ink or cloth on one toon. Then be using a 2nd or 3rd toon to be actually crafting maybe with a JC. Personally i would only gain a small advantage if i could duo box but i would have to move some toons to a different account.