Wednesday, March 31

Glyph machine: Upgrades & modifications

The glyph machine got an overhaul on monday and tuesday. Monday Ibegan expanding my production i now keep 8 of every glyph that i can craft. This took a good bit of effort and i began running into the issue of no bankspace and full bags. It also took a lot of ink to increase my stacks from 3-8. Which meant alot of my gold got reinvested into herbs instead of sitting there shiney. I ended monday with 7k ish gold.

Tuesday came around and Idecided I needed to top my glyphs off. Well i managed to shuffle bags around and get my glyphs crafted. This was when I decided enough was enough the glyph machine needed a new wheel. So I added my priest to the machine as a banker. He currently is level 14 and doing nothing but gathering dust. So i purchased 2 inscription bags for him and parked him in the silvermoon AH. I then downloaded bulk mail 2 addon and added it to my small army of addons. This addon allowed me to set up a rules that said every DK, Druid, hunter, and priest glyph got sent to my priest. So now when I open my send mail window if i have any of these glyphs it will ask me if i want to send. Click send and bam 30 seconds or less later my scribes bags where half empty. Now i have 2 wheels spinning in my glyph machine and im making good progress in the market.

How big of a competitor am I? This is a hard question for me to answer last night i had 888 glyphs posted. In the whole AH there were 3000 glyphs. So i suppose im a huge competitor in my market. It seems like the more i expand my bussiness less people under cut me. Currently i have one person who i know under cuts me in the mornings and at night. I have his names saved to my friends list and make sure to post right after both of his toons go offline. Im hoping a few more days of keeping him undercut and he may decide to leave the market. My glyph machine is moving and i hope to keep the gears oiled and keep producing profit. Last nights sales finaly pushed me over 10k gold combined between my 3 toons. I hope to eventually make it to the gold cap andI can see inscription carrying me to it.


  1. congrats. always interesting reading about your gold endeavors.

    at your rate, you're sure the hit the cap relatively soon.

  2. I starting reading this soon after I started my own Inscription business. Your blog is a very interesting read since I feel I am just a day or two behind you in taking on this new venture. When it has come to getting the materials though I have made partnerships with a few herbalists that provide me with materials at a discount C.O.D or through trade. Definitely helps keep me competitive.

    I just have a few questions for you and that is: Are you on a heavily populated server? Have you noticed a spike in activity on one day as opposed to another? Tuesday perhaps since it's reset day?

    Just wondering and good luck on your venture!

  3. Tuesdays are big days i think more people log on to raid. im on a med population server and have around 3000 glyphs on ah at all times. saturdays are nice to keep on top of glyphs because more casual players also

  4. That mail addon sounds rather useful, any chance you can go a bit more in depth on how you use it and how it works?

    And inscription will definitely get you to the cap once you have a real stake in the market. At the point you're at with 1/3 of the glyphs posted you should probably start crafting more glyphs of different types. I have over 1500 glyphs up when i list a fresh batch.

    The key to inscription is quantity > quality sales.