Friday, March 19

375 inscription. Gold updates. glyph methods

I paid someone to ink some spare herbs i had laying around in the bank and crafted 13 snowfall and 93 IOTS. I posted the snowfall in AH as individuals hoping to sell them off and make a little side cash. I then proceeded to make Jessica sellers ink shop my temporary home. I crafted around 60 armour vellum III to sell. I also grabbed the 3 patterns the inscriptionist supplier sells. I used up my supply of ink crafting glyphs that sell for around 10-25g each. Currently they are in the AH selling slowly.

To accomplish my goal of using inscription to make gold im using several addons. The two i used last night were Lil sparky's workshop and Advanced trade skill window. Lil Sparky's allows you to get a value of the different glyphs that you can create. I don't take this as the absolute value but more of a general guideline of selling price. ATSW allows you to Que multiple glyph or processes allowing you to set production and go. ATSW also will purchase all the materials needed from a vendor such as resilient parchment. There is one more addon that i haven't used yet but will begin configuring today that's QA3. It is supposed to allow you to set a minimum and maximum for glyph prices and it will cancel and post the glyphs for you. To make a larger profit in the glyph market frequent re posting will ensure you make more sales. This is were QA3 is supposed to come in and streamline the process making it less tedious.

Hopefully i can push my DK to 65 over the weekend and use the gold from selling glyphs to purchase more herbs to level to 450. In other news my meta gems are selling quickly chaotic skyflares seem to sell more regularly than my rare cuts for earthseige. One reason i think the earthseige cuts aren't selling is being undercut. I haven't looked to see but it may be a reason for the sluggish sales. My belt buckles are sitting in my bank the market is down around 28g per buckle which is lower than I'm willing to sale. The market for buckles will reset up it can't sustain the low price i foresee a 10-20g increase in price coming in the next few days. current gold count is around 1800g spent allot on bid low sell normal. So either ill win my bids or lose them either way its gold gained or staying the same.

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  1. Mistake in just picking high value glyphs, sometimes these are the glyphs that dont sell so dont get undercut alot,also how quick where your glphs undercut?, my server at times can have 3 campers

    Also check out KTQ addon a most have imo,