Thursday, March 18

New Beggings: Spending gold to make gold

Yesterday i decided it was time to kick my rusty gold making machine into gear. I purchased the mats to make 40 meta gems 20 of each type. I also purchased the mats to make 20 eternal belt buckles. Total gold spend was roughly 1000g however the estimated sell price for all the items produced is around 2100g or 1100g profit. Once they all sell ill be sitting around 3400g. I hope to reach level 64 on my DK which means just one more level before i can begin pushing his inscription to max level.

Current gold level is 1500g. which is really low but sometimes to make gold i have to spend gold. I used to spend 5-6k gold to make more gold so this is no different just puts my gold lower than my comfort level. On a side note i plan to do a small write up on Advanced trade skill window and LIL sparkys workshop. From what i understand these are very valuable to becoming a inscription master also it will help with starting up the old netherweave bag machine.

Kicking my rusty gold making machine into action feels good. It will take time for the results of my efforts to show. Hopefully it will also show that no matter how low your gold gets with the right techniques you can always bring in more gold. Maybe it will inspire someone with a low amount of gold to begin their journey to riches who knows. I plan to document what i do and the results of my investments so that it gives a clear picture on how the whole system works.

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