Tuesday, March 16

quick post

So blog has died again which i mean to rectifhy soon (tm). My RL has been hectic plus i havent had any gold stories to talk about. Well im considered poor now i have 2k gold to my name. What happend you may say well i played wow and spent gold an improved my character. While doing this my means of making gold expired and i just havent kept at it. Plans Well the DK is level 63 yay it leveld 1 whole level. But i have my cousin and friend to level with to 65 so i hope to finish this nightmare of a task by the weekend. Unless FF13 gets in the way only an hour in and i hear it calling me from my wow. After reaching 65 i plan to begin a vellum bussiness and craft a few offhands. Glyphs may be something to poke my nose into but currently wish to stay away from them because well time. Ill post more info as i can also for the person that posted 7 fiery enchants at 25g on blackdragon flight ty i fliped them for 50g profit each.

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