Monday, March 29

Glyph Machine: Chugging Along.

My glyph machine is running smoothly. I have finaly learned all of the glyphs i can from books so now im down to just learning 2 new glyphs a day. My current production level is 3 of each glyph. Which i have been restocking almost daily. Im going to up production of glyphs to 8 of each glyph. This will allow me to post glyphs with out having to cancle saving me time to do cancling later when i have time. I also began crafting the some vellums and a few fort scrolls. I also decided to make some off hands just to try and see how they sell.

My current gold on my glyph banker is 6k gold. On my other bank toon i have around 2k gold. Which means grand total is 8k gold. Ill easily break 10k again this week. I also have been itching to dive into a few old markets. Im planning on producing more belt buckles if their price is up. I am also going to try and make 10 titanium rods and 10 arcanite rods to sell. These will bring me gold from other markets and are post and forget type of auctions. Hopefully by using multiple markets i can increase my daily income. I managed to make around 2k gold on saturday in sells all from inscription. The gold machine keeps chugging i just have to keep it maintained and add some more bells and whistles so it can go faster.


  1. Hey Bob!

    Glad to hear glyphs are going well - I was surprised myself at just the sheer amount of downtime there is making glyphs, between waiting for them to cancel, waiting for the mailbox to refresh, waiting for them to post, let alone crafting inks =P

    I started with a stock of 5 of each, but even those go so fast I'm thinking of jumping to 10, worst case then I only really need to sit down and churn once a week (hopefully)

    With the faire next week I've been turning my snowfalls into Darkmoon cards, but I think I'll give offhands a shot once the faire leaves and demand dies down... let us know how your offhand sales go!

  2. yeh lots of semi afk time in the glyph bussiness. I just raised my cap from 3 of each to 8. Needless to say the experience was tramatic more on that later.