Thursday, March 25

Glyph machine night 2

Night 2 of the glyph machine consisted of milling, crafting , posting. I had purchased 700g worth of icethorn the night before so i decided it was time to mill and craft. I also increased my crafting que from 2 of every glyph to 3. I'm hoping to increase it to 5 by next Monday. Currently a crafting que of 3 left me making 365 glyphs. Not bad seeing as some of the crafting was just 1 glyph to fill a stack back up. I'm noticing that like everyone said leveling glyphs sell like shit sandwiches. Which means they sit in my bag doing nothing because my threshold is at 4g 30s and some are down to 99s.

I'm doing my daily research ad investing in books when i see decent deals. Today when i checked my mail at lunch after checking it i had 2500g which means i made around 1500g last night. Not a bad profit. Hopefully with my gold supply going higher i can invest in more icethorn and spend less time milling next week. Glyphs are a great business and things smooth out after that first jump into the market.

i was comparing myself to my competitors last night and it seems that I'm posting as many glyphs as some of them. most post only 3 to 5 of each glyph. They however probably have a bigger stock so they don't have to mill as often. My goal for next week is to increase my stock to at least 5 of each glyph. I'm trying to figure out what the benefit of having stacks larger than 5 would be. I guess i wouldn't have to wait at the mail box if i got undercut i could just hit post. But i don't mind canceling then clearing my mail then posting again. Currently i have 400 glyphs posted out of 2600 which means I'm getting closer to gaining 2/5 ths of the glyph market. if i could get my glyph production up to where i had a presence of 1/4 th i would be more than pleased. I'm not sure why i want to be 1/4th of the glyph market but it seems like it would offer greater chances for making gold. As always please leave comments and advice its always appreciated.


  1. shit forgot to add total gold between my 2 bankers is around 4200g. Im getting closer towards the 10k barrier.

  2. A problem is slots; even with 3 endless bags, I had to go to a third glyph selling alt. (You certainly don't want to sell things from your 80; too many ways that can go wrong.) So you would prefer to have 20 glyphs in AH and bags. I don't cancel auctions, just put up new ones, so I need more than someone who cancels. So if you have 10-20 of each glyphs, you can just go to AH and let QA3 do its thing for a few days without ever having to log on the scribe. So maybe once a week you make glyphs, essentially replacing what sold, but with 20 glyphs and posting 3-5 once or twice a day, you don't usually run out.

    On my server, glyphs went down to 2 or 3 gold each but are back up to 4 or 5. One of the reasons for a large number of glyphs is profit margin: say you think the cost of a glyph is 150s and you sell it for 250s thats 100s = 1g profit. You would have to sell 28 of these to be as profitable as selling one glyph for 29.5g that do to random luck no body else posted. (adjust for your server prices) JD Rockefeller said "competition is a sin". it certainly reduces the profit margin.