Wednesday, March 17

Druid updates

Well druid healer currently sits at 5065 gs which i can inflate to 5.2k depending on gear choices. I managed to do TOC 25 man 10 & 25 man VOA and my weekly raid this week. Happy times for my druid i got some nice feral gear and more badges. I have been trying to do at least my daily heroic for badges and hope by next monday ill have the 80 badges needed to build 4/4 boomkin t9. Im debating on making a forray into ICC 10 ( my comp hates 25 mans ) currently i can pull around 3-5k hps which is respectable seeing as i generally get heal sniped.

Gearing the druid is fun and making wow a new game so much fun that ive only put an hour into ff13. Hopefuly i can rectify this later today and put a little more time into the "precious". Currently my DK is sitting at 63.5 which means a level and a half from my goal of 65. Im going to get some herbs i have layed around miled to get him leveled up to 350 so that when he hits 65 he can mill his own herbs.

in gold news im up 400g to 2400g still poor but its ok. I am gaining gold slowly through bid low sell normal. Im also slowly gathering mats for a batch of belt buckles & meta gem transmutes. Hopefully if i get time i can spend around 1k gold and make 3k gold profit putting me at 4400g if i can expect me to post results on monday.

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  1. "Im also slowly gathering mats for a batch of belt buckles & meta gem transmutes."

    Why i ask? buy mats on AH and convert.. instant profit. and no time wasted gathering..