Monday, March 22

Trade Chat: Its good for more than anal jokes

So the other day why checking mail i saw an opourtunity i couldnt pass up. 5 stacks of titanium ore for 200g each. Now if i did what i normaly do and ignore trade chat i wouldnt have gotten such a good deal. So the moral of this tale is dont ignore trade chat just ignore the idiots spouting out anal jokes.

In other news I have around 2k gold worth of auctions posted and have around 1.6k gold on my main banker and 1k gold on my DK scribe. I have a stack of belt buckles collecting dust because i refuse to sell them at 30g each. My Dk is half a level away from 65 so ill begin my journey to 450 inscription tonight. Currently i have around 300 IOTS waiting to be used to gain my 450 and begin creating a store of glyphs to sale. My experience with higher end glyphs so far has been positive while im not maximizing profit by cancling constanly. i have managed to sell all but 10 or so glyphs that i made while reaching 375 inscription. Once i hit 450 ill get QA3 and look into KTQ to see which is best for my needs. Then ill become the most devious AH camper ever seen.

This week should be exciting hoping to have a few good post on my impressions from the glyph market. Also it will be interesting to see how the frozen orb change affects the alchemy markets if 3.3 hits. Also does anyone know of a way to automate milling ? i currently have a macro that auto mills everything i have with a click but im looking for a way to get this process fully automated similar to inking. I may possibly have to invest in a toy bird that bobs up and down to press the 1 key for me. One way this may acheived would be through using a key board macro on a g15 similar to how people afk BGs by jumping. However this runs the risk of causing a ban hammer to fall so ill have to look into my options.

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