Friday, March 26

day 3 as a scribe.

WEll I made it past my first couple of days as a scribe and had tremendous profit. Day three though my profit dropped to only 500g. I believe there was one factor for this. I posted my glyphs early around 9 o clock and didn't even post all of them. So not only did i not cover a majority of the glyphs, i posted early enough for my competition to come in and undercut me. Its a lesson i needed to learn. To make great profit you have to put in the effort and make sure to do things properly. Posting after the competition gives me more oppourtunities to make sells before being undercut. Posting all my glyphs makes sure that if someone wants it i have it posted. I probably lost out on a good bit of sells las t night due to my mistake.

Tonight and tomorrow are going to be crafting days im hoping to increase my glyph stock to 8. this will allow me to post glyphs twice before having to cancle. This will cut down the time i spend on wow which makes my wife happier. Currently between both characters i have over 5k gold seems like ill be busting through the 10k barrier sometime next week. I plan to make a major investment in herbs over the weekend. Ill be stocking up so i can try and only have one mill day during the work week. This will also reduce total time needed to keep my glyphs crafted because i wont have to mill before i begin crafting if i have to restock glyphs mid week. I also plan to purchase more books to try and learn all the glyphs i can.

On a side note did anyone realize they were making most glyphs one ink in 3.3? I didn't until last night which means less ink consumed. I think blizzard just made one of the most profitable proffessions even more profitable. It also means that a large stock of ink will last much longer than it used to. I still havent done a proper calculation on how profitable selling glyphs currently is but i know that total gold spent on herbs has been 1400g since maxing out inscription which means ive made over 4400g on my scribe since he is sitting at only 3kg. I guess when i purchase my next bulk batch of herbs ill try and document everything and work on the math to get my total glyph cost.


  1. Reading patch notes and ptr informations ( is the best way to be aware of future jumps or falls in demand and prices.

    Seems like they also reduced milling casting time :

  2. Hey Bob, long time to no speak! Heh

    Just came over to check out your blog after your help at The Pile.

    I completely empathize with "This will cut down the time i spend on wow which makes my wife happier." heh... I've mastered the art of logging in quickly, clicking "post" and then wandering away from the computer and letting it auto-afk me out.

    I'll be curious to see what you find out experimenting with different times to post your glyphs! In terms of enchanting scrolls, I've found that posting once right when I get home from work, then canceling (with qa3) and reposting right before I go to bed has worked best for me in terms of balancing time spent with amount of sales.

    I used to also cancel-post before I went to work, but I didn't really notice that much of an increase in sales (from posting when I get home and before bed), but that's likely a due to there not being many morning raiding guilds on my server, and thus not a great demand for enchants. I'm very curious if the glyph market will behave the same way.

    Anyways, good luck with the glyphs! I'll certainly be checking back to see how its going!

  3. Yeh i have a tendency to drop the blog when im not doing anything interesting with it. My post times right now are. Morning,Lunch,after work, and before bed. Most profitable post times are after lunch, after work, and before bed. seems like i capture most sells between these times.

  4. hi Bob, I'm new to this whole gold making lark and have just started selling glyphs in a big way too. I found your post on setting up KTQ and QA3 most helpful,only problem I have now is a lack of herbalists on my server.
    There were a total of 4 tabs of herbs up last night and virtually nothing below TBC level herbs. I would hate to have to send my herby alt out collecting as I believe this would make glyph selling not worth doing (may as well sell the herbs instead). Any thoughts on a way around this?
    Good luck btw :)

  5. Bascule,

    Don't waste gold on overpriced herbs or farming. Buy northrend herbs and get someone to make IOTS and snowfall. Sell the snowfall for gold and use the IOTS in dalarn to trade 1-1 for lower level inks. This will save you a ton of gold through those levels where herbs are 40g a stack. I suggest using this method the whole way to 450 imo it is cheaper than buying of level herbs.