Wednesday, March 17

So long blog. Lamenting the loss of a blog

Recently one a Blogger i respect and read daily closed up shop. Not an uncommon occurence in the blogging world however they did it in a very shocking way. Unlike me they didnt take a hiatus they just deleted all their previous post and stopped. For me this is unsettling the thought of deleting all my hard work is demoralizing. So if i ever actually stop blogging i wont close up shop ill just take an unnanounced hiatus like my last one. The reasoning for this blogger to close shop was unwanted attention or maybe criticism from other bloggers. Im not sre what i do know is that the druid healer community lost a jewel of information and someone who had fun to read post.


  1. May we inquire who?

  2. Indeed it was crankyhealer She had an awesome blog that made me laugh