Tuesday, March 23

OMG glyphs. "A noobs perspective of the daunting glyph market"

So i reached 65 yesterday and began leveling inscription to the max. I reached 446 before running out of green glyphs and snowfall to do darkmoon cards. I did my daily research and bought 17 glyph mastery books. Currently my glyph bussiness is kinda unsteady i have around 300 IOTS in my bank. The hard part is just trying to figure out what glyphs to make.

I belive i may follow kevmars example and begin making every glyph starting with 3 of each kind. I am going to modify it though to make each glyph that has a value of 6g or more. I think this would probably be the easiest method to learn the market and find out which glyphs i shouldn't make. It will also allow me to get QA3 set up so i can begin posting and canceling glyphs more efficently. Auctioneers appraiser jsut doesn't cut it for making it big in the glyph market.

Currently have around 2.5k gold on my main banker my scribe is at 80g due to the purchase of books & cheap tiger lily. However i need to find a good supply of icethorn or equal level herbs. The reason being is that it produces more icy pigments for snowfall ink. Which i am either going to sell or use to craft more darkmoon cards. Last night i made 6 cards and luck was on my side i crafted 3 nobles cards. Their value is around 1500g the other 3 cards though dont sell for much.

My goals for tonight are craft 2-3 of every glyph above 5g in value and configure QA3 to post and cancle them. I also need to look into inscription bags it seems that im going to need several of these in the future. Glyph machine is starting work im just at phase 1 and will need several days to get my machine moving.


  1. good luck with inscription! when you get going dont forget about the other way's to make gold with inscription [vellum/runescroll/offhand's]

    xoxo anaalius

  2. Hang in there man. It's a headache, but once you learn it gets a lot easier.

  3. Indeed i plan to stick it out. I already made a stack of weapon vellums, and some rune scrolls i did look at the offhands just didnt craft them. tonight will be my learning experence with realy diving into the market.

  4. I have a brute force method of glyph posting, using auctioneer:
    * fixed price with price matching with most glyphs having 6-12g and better sellers having 9-18g
    * 48 hour post cycle
    * really dodgy glyphs selling 1, better seelers having 3
    * with 1 mail collection and reposting in between.
    * 2 dedicated glyph sellers
    * 1 glyph/scroll/pigment/ink seller. (Yes there are times that the pigments and inks sell for more (per raw unit) than the finished products do)

    I build an initial base stock of 8 of every glyph (blindly ignoring how much this stock cost me). Using KTQ and Skillet, when I run low (or on weekends) I have a marcro which (from memory) is
    /ktq disable skipsingles
    /ktq queue 6 glyphs
    /ktq queue 6 glyphs
    /ktq queue 6 glyphs
    /ktq queue 6 glyphs

    With this method, for any given glpyh if:
    - I have sold out, I make 24.
    - I had 6 or more, I make none.
    - I had 3 glyphs, I make 12 [ =(6-3)*4]

    Some days/weeks - one of the glyph sellers will make next to nothing. Usually it is between 150g-300g per day per seller, with the vellum/runescroll/tome seller having more variation.

    I don't have the hastle of a cancel/repost cycle, nor care which glyphs are flavour of the day.

    I also use a similar approach to epic gem cuts, using auctioneer snatch (on an ad-hoc) basis to buy raw gems.

  5. Seems like your method works. Personally though posting and canceling with QA3 is really easy. Seems like you could be making more gold with a litle more work but everyone has their own methods. Im sure it brings in more than enough gold to cover anything you want to purchase.