Thursday, March 18

Druid Healing A Summary

Druid healing can be fun and interesting and tedious at the same time. In a 5 man group druid healing is probably my favorite healer instead of reactive healing I'm proactive keeping WG and rejuv. up with occasional swift mends and nourish as needed. As a 5 man healer i can sit back relax OH all dungeon long and its become a loot pinata. I consider my self a great 5 man healer.

Raiding is when i start feeling almost ineffective as a druid healer. The reason being is being a HOT specialist i feel that in raids i can do my rotation* 5 rejuv. wildgrowth and regrowth on tanks and still it feels like I'm not benefiting the raid. I swift mend when its needed but most of the time the target that needs a swift mend doesn't have a hot on him so then its rejuv.-SM. However by the time i do rejuv.- swift mend combo a priest or shaman or pally has already spot healed the person making my spells a waste. I can pull around 4k HPS in VOA and i have hit 5k HPS in TOC it just seems like with raid healing Ive hit a wall. Heal sniping makes me feel ineffective other healers with direct heals seem to be able to top raid damage off faster than my HOTs can with less effort. I guess this is just me whining because as a healer i like to feel like I'm the hero these people lived because of me. In a raid i feel like oh i covered those people then u guys came and topped them off i guess i helped.

I suppose the reason i feel ineffective is while hots are great for helping keep someone alive they don't have the bam of other healers spells. Which leads me to my next subject WTB chain heal or circle of healing. Or a redesign on specific hots maybe give Wild Growth a direct heal then HOT component. I don't know I'm just talking out of my ass druids are fine and I'm a good healer i just wish i were better. Lag has allot to do with my occasional fail as a healer 25 people shooting spells makes my laptops inter grated GPU bog down which causes my healing to become slower.

* druids don't have a rotation this is just a basic guide line.

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