Wednesday, March 24

"Damn" My first night as a scribe

Damn is the word that describes my first night as a working scribe on my server. Damn I love KTQ and QA3 I would die with out them. Damn milling 60 stacks of icethorn sucks my balls. Damn Skillet makes me press start for every glyph. Damn this was so worth leveling why didn't i do it earlier.

Last night I began my journey to becoming a profitable scribe. I began my night by milling 60 stacks of icethorn. After I completed milling i took an inventory of stock I had over 700 IOTS. I then began the task of downloading and configuring KTQ and QA3. Which I had read several guides on earlier in the day to become familiar with them. KTQ was easy just send it the command KTQ QUE 2 glyph I had its threshold set at 5g. So this meant KTQ sent a command to skillet to craft 2 of every glyph that sold for more than 5g. Skillet is an addon similar to ATSW which allows crafting to become easier. A quick trip to the vendors and I had all the materials needed to craft 2 of every glyph. After a long time of pressing process que and changing out inscription bags crafting was complete. As you can see in the picture below my bags were stuffed full of every glyph. I had 7 full inscription bags of nothing but glyphs 366 in total.

After getting my bags full i ran to the Ah to begin configuring QA3. I had a few miss fires with the configuration. I accidentally set the threshold to 50g when i meant to make that my fallback. I also tried to post items with nothing in my item group. After spending time sorting this out I finally got QA3 configured how i wanted. Currently my threshold is 4g30s and my fall back is 50g32s5c it will under cut by 1s32c every time i post. I know I am not a goblin in how i post but if i got in a under cut war i could change my under cut and threshold values.

My first night as a scribe I captured 1/10th of my glyph market I had around 366 auctions posted out of 2600. Not bad for a first night hopefully i can keep the pace up. My results for my effort showed almost immediately. Within 5 minutes of posting my auctions i had 6 sells. Last night after posting my scribe sat at 350g. After re posting a few times and getting mail he sat at around 1700g. Which means for my first day seriously doing inscription i raked in around 1400g. I have since reinvested 700g in the purchase of more icethorn. The glyph machine is taking off its exciting and new. Ill try and get more accurate numbers to show how profitable inscription is for me. I look forward to sharing my experience with my readers and hopefully inspiring them to take on the wild task of building a scribe empire.

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