Tuesday, January 26

gold update

Currently im sitting at just over 24000 gold. Which in perspective is a good chunk of gold but for me its not good enough. I want to get 50k gold and im starting to move closer to it. I may only have 24k gold on my bank character that does not represent the value of items i have collected. Currently around 3600g in epic gems and 4500g in a nobles deck. Which puts my total gold to around 31000g give or take a grand.

I'm currently only using a few methods to really make gold. Im trading borean leather for heavy leather then creating arctic furs generally one every few days jeri is supplying the leather. Im also selling epic gems i transmute daily plus i am currently buying titanium ore when it drops below 230g per stack. I am crafting eternal belt buckles it seems like im going through my 20 stack stocks almost daily so i may increase production to 40. These belt buckles are selling for around 36g each so its around 400g propfit for a 300g investment. I have also purchased small radiant shards for 5g each these are crafted into scrolls of enchant fiery weapon. Which im selling at 77g each for a profit of 50g per scroll. I have been gathering a small stock of netherweave bags around 10. Prices of netherweave cloth has been up recently so i cant gather much stock. I also am crafting frostweave bags whenever i collect enough cloth from leveling jeri. I have a small stockpile of enchanting materials in the bank that i could sell for a quick bit of gold but im not going to. I plan to save them to enchant jeris' gear once he reaches the cap.


  1. What do you do with purcahsed titanium? Prospecting and selling cut gems and powder?

  2. I prospect the ore. My cousin cuts my epic gems and blue gems and isell them all normaly making around 40-100g profit per stack. I would sell the powder but my cousin is still getting more JC cuts so it all goes to him.

  3. I save the green gems for transmutation into meta gems that will be cut.