Thursday, January 7

What I'm working on.

Well recently i re-activated my account with my BS on it. When it had closed it had 382 BS i spent a few grand around 2.5k gold to level him to max level. I d/e almost all of the crafted material and left the mats sitting in the bank somewhere around 60 dream shards hundreds of infinite dust and some cosmic essence. I then told my cousin who cuts my epic gems that if he wanted he could use those mats to max his enchanting. He used them creating scrolls so now i have around 25 scrolls or more of various enchants. They sell from 9g- 150g each so i should make a decent return on helping him. Also i still have some leftover enchanting mats from his leveling these could be sold for more profit. With my last post i stated how im making around 400g profit from a 400g investment using my newly leveld BS.

Im still slacking off on leveling my DK to max his inscription. The main reason being im not sure i can make the time commitment to be a competitve scribe. Also for some reason i loath playing the DK even though i used to love their mechanics. Ive been using my alchemist to transmute epic gems which is a nice bit of gold on the side. I also discovered a new market for alchemist which ill post more about in a few days. The netherweave bag market is still available to use however for the return on time and investment is small. I prefer only to use this method to make money when i have plenty of play time.

I also recently started messing around on my very first toons server playing my old lvl 64 pally which was my first level 60 back in pre-bc. I have been using bid low and sell normal to begin making gold so that i can afford shiney things for my pally which is my new toon of choice for fun. I have been doing dungeons as a pally tank which i love its alot less painful and more fun than warrior tanking. On this server i also have a 350 tailor so i may look into using the bag market to make gold here. I can also use my tailor toon to D/E BOE greens from dungeons since mats generally make more money then the greens.

Some people may be asking why im wasting my time playing a toon thats not on my main server. Well my goal is to transfer and faction changethis toon over to my current server. He is in a guild of my toons with 3 tabs hopefully i can transfer the guild with him. If not ill use his bank space to horde objects that sell higher on my main server. objects of interest wool cloth, vendor alliance only pets, cheaper materials eternals, ore, bars , enchanting mats. I plan to gather these items in hopes that flipping them will make me more gold. I dont plan to transfer soon probably sometime a few months down the road when my pally dings 80.

Please give me advice on what items i should look at for when i transfer. I hope to keep you updtated on my alliance and horde activity and maybe it will benifit some of my readers.


  1. always nice to read your posts :)

    and for your deathknight/inscriptionist. its worth getting to a skill where you can make armor and weapon vellum's they sell pretty well and dont require lots of time.

  2. Another way to save time on a scribe is just to be half-assed about posting. Post a few of everything above your "this is worth it" price point once every couple of days. Chances are very good that there will be some gaps in the AH camper's postings and a small percentage of your glyphs will sell. If you set your price point at the right place, you'll end up with something fairly profitable and for very little time or effort.

  3. Re: server transfer - you can't transfer your guild. They stress when you transfer that your guild/arena team affiliation/tabard/etc. will not follow you. As for items... it depends? Servers vary greatly on what's profitable to move. How much gold you're looking to transition is also a factor. There's no sure set of items to stock up on or hold on to - even faction to faction gimmes like wool sometimes don't work out. Your best bet is just to look at what sells en masse and find where the biggest gaps are.

  4. I appreciate all the ersponses. Thanks for the heads up charlie ill definatly make sure its worth the investment. not sure on the gold amount im looking to invest because im just now starting to get a decent fund for bidlow sell normal. However i do plan to be careful with what i purchase so that i gurantee myself a profit.

  5. Inscription is worth it, although it takes time
    ! Currently i have 3 alts that sell glyphs, with the glyphs being split by class between them and the 10th class distributed evenly. I cancel/post about 3 times per day, and earn about 1,2k gold on a good day(full server). There is also vellums that sell good and darkmoon cards which bring huge amounts of gold, i currently have 6 that i need to sell. 6 x ~5,5kg = 33k g :P

  6. About the server transfer. I did this a bit ago to bring my blacksmith/enchanter over to my mains server and since I don't play on the old one anymore. Since you're faction changing as well, make a lvl 1 and park them at the AH and scan daily for the things that are on short supply on your current faction.

    What I did was bought a huge amount of leather on my old server as it was pricey on my new server. Along with that I bought saronite bars, abyss', and so on. I knew prices on my now former server were very cheap so I decided to stock up like nuts before the transfer. I had to move ~15k or so when I did, not sure how much you need to move if any.

    TL:DR; Stock up on what you're sure you need to keep your businesses going. When all else fails load up on greater cosmics, they always sell.