Monday, January 18

Jeri transfer gold.

Recently i transfered Jeri to horde. He brought tons of wool and some good gem purchases and buying 14 flask. i sold all of these items for a total profit of 10g per item. In my previous post you can see the amount of stuff that was sold.

After settling that and cleaning my bank out. Me and my cousins toon dualBOA left for our leveling trek in borean tundra. Whats nice about this is all my quest for alliance got reset so i could do all the warsong hold quest. We ran our daily dungeon i tanked a UK it went well no real problems excepts some low dps. Me and my cousins toon were top dps both at 29% each.

The next day we finished up the annoying mist quest. the phasing there causes my processor hell. Next we began doing colderra quest so that we could do the nexus. While questing we qued both as dps so we could quest while waiting for que. The pic above shows the damage our tank was a little shoddy but he was 10 years old so he did good for his age. I gave him advice of getting duo spec so he could have frost spec and blood then i gave him my blogs address.

The second dungeon sucked because we spent an hour in the instance most of it waiting on new members to reach the end. Wish these dungeons were smaller similar to Draktherun keep etc. Me and my cousin were top dps i was pulling 1200 in greens and blues. My cousin was right below me we were owning and not pulling aggro. Which meant our young tank knew his class just didnt have the best spec. However he left and i took over tanking. I learned some new moves to avoid damage on the final boss. When hes undead im a little confused on how to avoid the damage.

So far Jeri Has been fun but im going to have to slow down my playing and posting. I know its sad but school is in its final semester and i need to finish my Net+ exam. Then ill have graduated with an AA in computer networking and have 1 cert. During it i have had 4.0 in all my technical classes only doing bad in academic classes english comp is my fail. Ill continue next semester for my Bachelors that means taking maths and sciences which is going to be rough.


  1. glad to see you enjoying your paladin :)
    i loved leveling mine too :P

    also ive put you on my blog roll because i liked your blog so much:)

    xoxo anaalius

  2. I appreciate it. I love my pally im not loving running into these morons that can't dps makes things harder on the healer than it has to be. Its bad when the tank is #1 and his cousing just .1% behind in dps. The rest of the dps being 15% behind us. That makes for a long boss fight