Thursday, January 14

Introducing Jeri My Paladin

Introducing my paladin Jeri. He was my first level 60 and never made it to 70 until yesterday. The reason he never made it to seventy was a faction switch to play with family. That and I did not enjoy healing in BC and couldn't get into leveling him. Now he is ready for his transformation into a Blood Elf Paladin and unleash his inner horde. After a fast trek from 64 to 70 Jeri is ready to embark on a new journey to 80. He will be accompanied by his warrior companion that was with him on the original quest to 60. Jeri will also bring along needed war supplies to aid in raising gold for the hordes coffers. He collected gems, enchant scrolls, and tons of wool that will aid in raising a decent amount of gold for the cause.

To prepare for the arrival of my new tanking character I crafted the full level 70 cobalt tanking set. I also added borean leather armour kits to aid in making the gear as good as it could be for the cheap. Me and my cousin plan to do at least the daily dungeon and quest grind up to 80 he is playing a BoA geared Arms warrior. Teamed with my paladin the plan is to aoe grind quest and if needed ill Duo spec for questing parts as Retribution to speed up the quest grind. Hopefully we will have a fun and story filled journey to 80.


  1. I love reading your gold blog and I think this little sidebar on leveling will be an interesting addition to the site.

    I look forward to the leveling tales of Jeri the paladin as well as the gold market on your new server!

  2. Well the gold market on the new server = same jeri is transfering from old server to current main. sorry for any confussion. Also i may Have another BS /alchemy gold making tip soon just have to crunch the numbers.