Friday, January 22

Flask flipping and pet selling. Jeri update

I have an alchemist that could make potions. i have realized that herb prices being variable that im no good at purchasing herbs to make profit from flask. So what do i do I start buying flask generally during the weekend supply is high and demand is low i can purchase flask between 25-30g I then wait until tuesday raid day to resale my flask for profits anywhere from 5-10g per flask. This is a steady income and i cant complain about the profit margins.

Another bussiness adventure that i started was selling vendor pets. Not the ones that people can get in dalarn, I am selling the ones that can be purchased from stromspire in netherstorm. THe most expensive pet is 40g each however most pets sell for 10-100g on AH with profits being 10g- 60g per pet depending on which one. I have purchased 4 of each pet to place on the AH. I hope to update you when they all sell they dont sell fast but its all profit.

I did my daily random with jeri last night the second one i've had to do without my cousin. He is spending more time with the wifey which i understand so i wont give him crap about it. It seems like i was having an off night tanking i couldn't keep divine plea up and kept butchering my rotation. To make things even worse i had a disc priest which are great healers but for a class that needs mana regeneration through heals it can starve your mana quickly. Also i had a moonkin that pulled good dps however he would be aoeing before i even laid down concecration he pulled aggro a few times. The rest of the dps were unremarkable probably still learning their skills the DK did 500 dps and a warrior was right under me with 900 dps. IT was a good run with no wipes it just felt like i was off and not playing my best. Im currently 1/4 th a level away from lvl 72 and I can not wait to finish Tundra and possibly skip dragonblight. On an off topic there is a huge benifit to faction change. Jeri has every flight path in Northrend even though he has only visited Borean tundra. This makes travel very easy and im grateful since i dont have cold weather flying.

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