Wednesday, January 13

Horde here i come.

So after having a few weeks as alliance i got a gift from my cousin. He decided to go ahead and pay for my alliance paladins race change and transfer. Im not sure why he decided to but im happy either way. I think his main reason was he couldn't deal with playing on our old alliance server and would rather level with me on horde.

Since the move has moved forward a few months i only have around 700g to invest into items to transfer. I am thinking of going and purchasing at least 5 each of the alliance only pets. Then look at the frost lotus market to see if their prices are significantly lower than my current main server. Other items of interest are mid level herbs, meat for cooking, ore, bars, and gems. My goal is to only purchase items that will provide a significant profit around 2-5g on investment more is always welcome.

I am looking forward to the move it will give me an oppourtunity to get dual spec on my pally. Ill also be able to deck him out in full cobalt armour once he hits 70 so that his tanking set is ok. I also get to level with my cousin which i haven't done in since pre-bc where he tanked and i heald. Which is a funny point because the pally im moving to my horde server is the same pally that i heald his original warrior with. Leveling will be different this time ill be tanking and he will be Dps on his arms warrior which means it wont be a full role reversal for us.

Since my focus for the next few weeks is going to be on leveling i think im going to use it as a way add a different dynamic to my blog. The blog will always stay a gold focused blog but i want to include some stuff about leveling my paladin. So once he hits 70 and begins the final 10 level grind to 80 i hope i can come up with fun entertaining post about the leveling experience. Yes this will include gripes about stupid players in LFG. It will also have post about great runs or epic fights that should have been wipes. I may even post a small post about usefull addons to have for 5 mans. After reaching level 80 these post will start to be about gearing up through heroics etc. I hope that my readers will enjoy these post and i hope that it will add a new dynamic to my blog.

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