Friday, January 8

So you dont have that proffession

Recently my post have been about using professions to make gold. I haven't had anyone say it but I'm sure some people reading these post and don't have that particular profession so it may not interest them. Well i have a solution for these people to use the professions they don't have and still make good profit. The solution pay other players to do it for you. I'm not suggesting paying a player to 30g per gem to cut raw epic gems that will only gain you 10g profit now i mean the bulk crafting items.

Example time say your not a BS but you can buy the mats to make 20 eternal belt buckles for 400g. IF your lucky and they sell for 40g each that's 800g or 400g profit. Now if you don't have BS you cant take advantage of this unless you hire someone or get a fellow guildy to help you. Generally players that do this kind of work don't ask for much 20-40g average. They see this as free gold for them and you gain the product you want to sell. Its a win for everyone involved your making 360g profit they get their 40g and are happy about it.

What this means is now you have access to every proffession if you want. 40g tip may sound like allot but if your getting your product made in bulk there is nothing bad about that tip. This will allow you access to all of the methods i have posted about and give you means to make even more gold. I hope you found this use full if you have any other things you pay other players to do tell me about them in comments. I check them daily and generally reply to them.


  1. This is a massively profitable thing to do. Lots of people hate playing the AH but don't mind farming for mats for a guaranteed buyer or making a huge qty of items for a relatively small fee. I've had people react like I was handing them free gold. I usually like making these exchanges with friends, but you can find some schmoe in trade chat to help you out in a pinch.

    I once had one of those "any glyph for 10g" guys craft me 20 each of the profitable glyphs that I hadn't discovered yet.
    me - hey man. could you craft 500 glyphs if i gave you a list?
    him - Whoa! I don't think I have enough ink for that
    me - i've got the inks and you're welcome to use them. how much if we use my mats?

    After some incredulity on his part that I could possibly have enough ink to make all of those, he lowered his price to 1g per glyph. All of which were selling for 20-50g at the time. And the inks of the sea could be effectively milled for free after snowfall sales. /nostalgia Since I figured (correctly) that I'd be making about 15k in profit, I tipped him 6 stacks of ink and 100g. He was blown away.

  2. great post charlie. Yeh most of the time it feels like im stealing from a kid. Because these people are happy for their 40g and im just thinking if they only knew they made me 400g in the process they wouldnt be so happy.

    Leveling inscription i paid other players to ink my herbs. most i paid was like 100g mainly because i was in a good mood. I swear the guy was as happy man. Whats even funnier is the snowfall he just made sold for the cost of all of the herbs and his tip.

  3. nice post again. normally have access to all profs from my guild but this isnt the case with everyone.

    also wanted to give you a congratulations on being posted on Just my two copper :) keep the posts coming.

    putting you on my blogroll too

    xoxo anaalius